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The new generation of the German compact, which will arrive in 2027, should not have the right to thermal and hybrid engines. Sports models, S3 and RS 3 will be on the program.

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A little over a year ago, Audi was one of the first brands to announce the abandonment of thermal engines. Since then, several other manufacturers have followed suit, even if the firm with the rings has one of the most ambitious schedules: Audi will stop selling models with a combustion engine in 2033 (including hybrid and PHEV) and the latest thermal model will be presented in 2026.

On the other hand, there will probably be a small exception, China, where Audi is associated with local manufacturers (SAIC in particular) for production and development, and where demand beyond 2033 is still possible on this market.

A new platform in the works

One year after the presentation of Audi’s latest thermal model, the brand will present the new generation of A3 in 2027, the current version will then reach the end of its life cycle. According to our colleagues from the magazine Autocarconfirming previous information from the German press, the future Audi A3 will be available only in an electric version and will be based on the new platform of the Volkswage group, the SSP (Scalable Systems Platform), a platform which will be shared in particular with the future sedan of Volkswagen known for the moment internally under the name Project Trinity. At Audi there will also be an electric sedan, certainly the future A4 (not the next generation, but the one after that) which will be based on the same platform.

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Knowing that the Volkswagen group already has the MEB platform in its ranks (used in particular for the Audi Q4 e-tron and other Volkswagen ID.3), why wait for a new architecture? The SSP platform would offer more advantages compared to the MEB, with in particular greater modularity and a lower floor height to certainly accommodate more modules for the battery.

Longer range and better charging

It will also be a platform capable of supporting a new 800-volt electrical architecture (such as the PPE of the Porsche Taycan and Audi RS e-tron GT), and thus increase the charging powers compared to the current 400 volts on the SEM. In particular, this will make it possible to reach up to 270 kW of charging power. According to Markus Duessman, the director of Audi, the autonomy will be able to reach up to 700 km with a single charge.

Markus Duessman also said that the SSP platform will be able to accommodate solid-state batteries, but these battery types will not be available on the next generation A3. Like any new technology, they will surely be available on higher-end models at first.

S3 and RS3: sports and electric versions

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The future Audi A3 will always have the right to its two variants: Sportback and Sedan. Both will gain a few more centimeters in terms of dimensions, with shorter overhangs, a shorter hood line, a more spacious interior and a boot that should be just as spacious. This should therefore benefit the occupants, who will have more space on board.

And for sports enthusiasts, this also means that the future Audi S3 and RS 3 will go electric. Exit, therefore, the fabulous five-cylinder 2.5-litre TFSI of the RS 3, place, therefore, an RS 3 “e-tron” which should, without a doubt, be as powerful, or even more than the current generation.

All future Audis will be electric

The new generation Audi A3 should also initiate the arrival of new 100% electric Audis. There will be profound changes in the range, since the A1 and Q2, it’s official, will not be renewed, and the A3 should thus represent the “entry level” of the firm with the rings. A strategy not really surprising given the fact that Audi, like BMW or Mercedes, wants to abandon models that achieve little margin (but conversely more volume) in favor of more expensive and more profitable models.

Unlike Skoda, Seat or Volkswagen, three member brands of the Volkswagen group (like Audi), the firm with the rings has not presented a concept car based on the MEB platform and whose launch is scheduled for 2025. Proof of this is that the brand intends to level up, but that raises a question: what will happen to the 2019 Audi AI:ME concept, a showcar that presented Audi’s vision in the world of electric vehicles , urban and autonomous? This concept could have an influence on the development of the future A3but given the turn taken by Audi on entry-level models, this type of vehicle should not be entitled to a production version that would result directly from it.

The next generation of the Audi A3 should enter a new era
Currently marketed with petrol and diesel thermal engines, the Audi A3 will become a 100% electric compact in the coming years.
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