Will the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro not be as expensive as previously reported? Another retailer has listed the new top smartwatch and quotes a significantly lower price there. This could make the premium watch more interesting again.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro slightly cheaper

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be the new spearhead among Samsung smartwatches. The watch is said to be equipped with higher quality materials and a large battery. Accordingly, it was to be expected that the prices would be significantly higher than for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which should no longer have a successor. Previously, there was talk of 500 euros for the entry-level model, but now it could not be that much. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is listed at a retailer for 430 euros (Quelle: Dealntech).

That would still be 30 euros more than with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but Samsung also offers more equipment. Accordingly, the new watch may also be a little more expensive. The normal Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 should start at 260 euros. That would even be a bit cheaper than the Galaxy Watch 4, which was offered from 270 euros. Maybe Samsung wants to continue to increase sales in this way. All new Samsung smartwatches will get cheaper over time anyway. We saw that with the Galaxy Watch 4 price drop.

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In the video we tell you what the current smartwatch generation from Samsung can do:

Samsung-Event am 10. August 2022

We will find out what the new Samsung watches cost by August 10, 2022 at the latest. Expectations are high because Samsung is facing more and more competition. Qualcomm recently announced a new processor, so that the competition can at least catch up technically or maybe even offer more performance. The drops are far from over, because Wear OS has now been fully released as an operating system and is no longer reserved for Samsung. Companies like Mobvoi and Oppo have already promised new top smartwatches.

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