Netflix doesn’t have much to laugh about right now, unlike Disney+. As is well known, they grabbed all the Marvel series from the former streaming favorite and are now happily putting these heroes in new series and films. Let’s start in August.

A quick refresher. Earlier this year, Netflix lost previous Marvel series that were once exclusives. As expected, they found a new home at Disney+. One of them (Daredevil) previously guest-starred in Spider-Man: No Way Home and was selected for a new eponymous series in May of this year.

Disney+ announces Daredevil to guest star in She-Hulk

As part of Comic-Con in San Diego, Marvel has now published the slightly ambiguous title and release date of the new series on Disney +: Daredevil: Born Again will consist of 18 episodes and is scheduled to start in Spring 2024 on the streaming channel. Now the surprise: You don’t have to wait that long for the devil’s appearance, because in the second trailer for the upcoming series “She-Hulk: The Lawyer” the hopes of the fans are answered and Matt Murdock aka Daredevil shows up briefly in the picture. But we only get to see the superhero at the very end of the trailer.

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Watch the trailer until the end, only then is there the resolution:

She-Hulk – Trailer Deutsch

Before that there are such illustrious aspirants as the Hulk (Bruce Banner), Abomination (Emil Blonsky), Wong and of course the actual heroine She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters). By the way, what really catches the eye with Daredevil is his new costume. Not unlike the one from the Netflix series, but in new colors. Gold or yellow elements are clearly recognizable. This brings the new outfit closer to the original yellow costume from the 1960s comics.

When does Disney+ start?

She-Hulk: The Lawyer is available directly on Disney+ starting August 17 and will consist of a total of 9 episodes. It’s Marvel’s first “comedy series,” if you will, and should enrich the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) enormously for that reason alone. This also ends the Marvel series year at Disney +. Let’s continue with Secret Invasion in spring 2023.