Although Google is the main developer of the Android operating system, sometimes they like to bring in help to integrate or improve a function. In that case, Samsung should give Google a helping hand. We could all benefit from that.

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Samsung helps Google with Android

Android is developed by Google, but the company likes to take inspiration from other sources for some ideas for new features. Sometimes that’s not enough and you have to get help. So allegedly happened now. Samsung is supposed to help Google to improve Android’s pen input. The company has a lot of experience through the Note smartphones and is unbeatable in the field. It is precisely this knowledge that Google wants to take advantage of (source: Mishaal Rahman)

According to this, a new interface will be integrated into Android with the help of Samsung, which is intended to optimize pen inputs. The new interface should be integrated as early as Android 13. While that shouldn’t matter much on the smartphone, since Samsung is the only major manufacturer to use an S Pen, this becomes all the more important for Android tablets. Google will also focus on this in the future, so that all manufacturers of Android tablets can benefit from it.

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With the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, we will show you what a stylus has to be able to do with Android:

Are more stylus phones coming with Android?

We wouldn’t expect that at all. Even in the past, hardly any manufacturer was interested in a smartphone with a pen. Android tablets are becoming much more important. For example, there is also a pen for the Xiaomi Pad 5 (test). Of course, Samsung always includes the S Pen when it comes to somewhat more expensive tablets. Since Google will focus more on Android tablets in the future, this cooperation is very important so that more companies build better Android tablets. And in the end we all benefit from it.

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