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Each phone is assigned an IMEI number. This is used by operators to identify smartphones accessing their network. And in case of theft, the IMEI number allows you to block the laptop so that it can no longer access a telephone line.

What is the IMEI number?

The IMEI number is a code that consists of several digits, which is used to uniquely mark the smartphone. IMEI is an acronym meaning “International Mobile Equipment Identity”, which can be translated as international identity of mobile equipment – ​​of the smartphone, in short. It is found on both Android and iOS.

code IMEI
Type *#06# with the phone keypad and you will have the IMEI code on the screen. // Source: Screenshot
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Where to find the IMEI code?

The IMEI can be displayed on the smartphone screen by typing a particular code with the keys of the telephone keypad. The combination to type is ” *#06# without the quotes, as if you wanted to call this “number”. You will then see the IMEI code, but also the ICCID code relating to the SIM card and the serial number of the phone.

The IMEI code can also be found by alternative means: it is possible to display this number by going through the phone settings. It can also appear under the battery of the smartphone, but this requires handling that can be complicated: if the shell can be removed not without difficulty, the battery of certain models is sometimes welded.

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The IMEI number can also be retrieved by Google’s “Find my device” tool, if the phone is not turned off or in airplane mode. You can also find it in the smartphone box with the papers, if you haven’t thrown them away. If you contact your operator, they may also be able to tell you this.

What is the IMEI number used for?

The IMEI code is used to uniquely identify each mobile terminal. Its primary interest is to serve as a lever against cell phone theft. If you report an event of this type to your operator, he can blacklist the IMEI code of the phone that has been stolen, so as to block access to the telephone network.

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The law includes a provision that requires operators to block the access of the device itself to the network and not only the line accessible by 06 or 07. In this way, the portable is no longer supposed to be able to be used, even by using another telephone number (therefore a new SIM card) or by changing operator.

The management of IMEI codes is not limited to the national level, for example between the French operators Orange, SFR, Free Mobile and Bouygues Telecom. This is done at an international level, via the GSMA association. It maintains a registry on behalf of the entire mobile phone industry. This can be consulted to check the status of a phone.

This database allows owners to save a status for their devices in case of issues such as loss, theft, fraud, or to indicate that the device is on a payment plan. The saved status indicates the recommended action for people handling the device. »

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