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To avoid paying full price for your iOS apps, you have to follow their prices, as you probably do with a product on the web. There are different options.

Most of the appsApple App Store no longer ask you to pay directly for all of what they have to offer, preferring to use advertisements or in-app purchases. However, if you’d rather pay upfront than suffer the microtransactions, tracking price fluctuations isn’t easy, especially since Apple phased out the wishlist feature a few years ago. If you expect an attractive price for this or that app, you need a dedicated service. Here are your options.


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AppRaven helps you track the price of any app. Free, it makes it easy to know when a particular app is available at a preferential rate. Navigation is simple, and once your account is created, you can add as many apps to your list as you want. Among the features of AppRaven, it is possible to make your own collection and post on the community forum to discuss the apps in question.

User-created collections are a great way to discover little nuggets or track prices for multiple apps at once. Unfortunately, AppRaven has also taken the fold of microtransactions. If it does allow you to follow price fluctuations for free, you have to pay €2 per month to get the alerts.


A completely free option, AppSliced. This service does not have its own application, you will have to use the website. Once your account is created, you can register to receive alerts in the event of price drops. AppSliced ​​also offers free email alerts for in-app purchases, which is great.


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The AppHookup subreddit is full of great pricing plans, including on in-app purchases. Follow this community to be alerted to good deals via the Reddit app or any third-party client like Apollo.

On Reddit, you won’t find necessary alerts for all the apps you want to follow, but you will have discussions about popular and more obscure apps. The community also posts on non-Apple apps, but the majority are for iOS apps.

Make your own wishlist with the Shortcuts app

If you prefer to create your own wishlist on the App Store, you can use the Shortcuts app. The /u/refreshingbleach user created two such shortcuts, with different purposes:

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Add App to Wish List. Once this shortcut is downloaded, you can open the App Store, find your app and press the Share button. Select “Add App to Wish List” and it will be added to your Reminders. Then, when you open Reminders, you’ll see the name of the app and its price when it was added to the list. To see the current price, you will need the following shortcut.″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” data-ga=”[[“Embedded Url”,”External link”,”″,”metric25″:1]]” data-uri=”2369e3aa00c854b9cbfb128f9acb578b”>Update App Store Wish List Prices. Run this shortcut when you want to check the latest prices for all the apps in your wishlist. The list in Reminders will be updated with current prices.

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