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The Notes app on iOS lets you collaborate. And this feature provides the ability to secretly communicate with one or more people.

L’application Notes on iOS has a collaboration tool allowing several people to collaborate on the same note. Whoever added the note can read and edit the text in real time, just like you would on a Google Docs. This is an incredibly useful feature for allowing people to work on the same project for school or work, but it can also be used for secret chatting.

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Currently, it is not possible to send ephemeral text messages on iPhone, as Snapchat allows. You can still delete the message, but it will exist at the recipient’s (at least until iOS 16 with its edit and unsend functionality). With Notes, however, you can write a message, which the recipient can read, delete, and reply to. You can do this back and forth, with each participant deleting the message as soon as they read it. In practice, you can have a very long and very personal conversation, without any proof of its existence. Here’s how.

Create note

On your iPhone, launch the Notes app and tap the Compose button at the bottom right of the screen. Then type whatever you want to keep it – otherwise it will be deleted when you leave the note -. You can also start with an existing note, but it’s best to start with a blank note.

Change note sharing options

Once the note is created, you can add another person as a collaborator. This one can read and modify. To get started, tap the More button in the top right and then “Share note”.

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Then tap on “Sharing options” and make sure “Can edit” is selected under Permission. You should also uncheck “Anyone can add users” if you want to be the only person who can add participants. Return to the previous page when setup is complete.

Add a collaborator and share the link

Next, choose a method to share the note: you can send it via SMS, email, social network and more. If you swipe up on the sharing options, you can select “Copy link”, to copy the link to the clipboard and paste it wherever you want.

You can also tap the Add icon to search your contacts. Adding a contact to the note is absolutely necessary – if you share the link without adding a contact, the other person will not be able to see or edit the note, even with the link -.

Communicate secretly via Notes

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The other person should now open the link and accept the invitation. If she accepts, she’ll be taken to the Notes app and the note you just created. To communicate, enter your text, the other person will see what you type in real time, without even having to tap send. She will also receive a notification each time the note is modified.

Each person is assigned a color, to track who is typing what. You can also swipe right to see the name of the person who wrote the message along with a timestamp.

You can also tap on the “Share note” button, go to “Manage shared note” and then activate “Highlight all changes”. Thus, all messages will remain permanently highlighted with their color, more convenient to follow the conversation.

You can also, conversely, delete your message or that of the other person as soon as it is read. Thus, the process is more like a fleeting conversation.

And you can use text, but also photos, videos, links and more.

Permanently delete a secret conversation

If you are the creator of the note and want to keep it, but prevent it from being edited again, that’s easy. At the top right, tap on “View participants” and “Manage shared note”. To remove a participant, you can either swipe left on their name and then tap “Remove” or tap on the name and then “Remove Access”.

You can also tap on the “Stop Sharing” option. All participants will be removed and the note will be cleared on all devices.

If you are not the note creator, you can simply delete the note from your Notes app.

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