So far, the iPad Pro is only available in two colors – space gray or silver. But if you take a look at the new MacBook Air, you will discover a new and attractive trend color from Apple with “Midnight”. Just what would an iPad Pro look like with it?


iPad Pro in “Midnight”: Could look like this

Quite good if you look at the right color concept (source: Basic Apple Guy). A rich coloring that would also look good on an iPad Pro. With a bit of luck, Apple might actually consider “painting” the upcoming 2022 model year iPad Pro in this way. But this decision would not be entirely uncontroversial.

As a quick reminder: the MacBook Air in “Midnight” is unfortunately anything but particularly resilient. As it turned out in tests, this one is Color variant fairly sensitive to scratches. Abrasion can be seen after a short time, especially in the areas that are often used (connections). Underneath, the bare aluminum becomes visible and the pretty paint peels off. And then the dark blue is also susceptible to fingerprints and consequently doesn’t look particularly neat anymore. The concept artist has also created a color scheme for this, so to speak, the iPad Pro in “midnight” shortly after commissioning.

Really such a good idea?

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Ergo: An iPad Pro in the new trendy color only makes sense if Apple gets the obvious material problems under control with the MacBook Air of the same color. Otherwise, I’d rather go back to space gray or silver – boring, but consistent.

In theory, the MacBook Air looks good in the dark color:

MacBook Air 2022: All information about the new Apple notebook

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The colors of the upcoming iPad Pro 2022 are currently more of a speculative nature. There’s more to say about the technical features – wireless charging via MagSafe, larger battery and the new M2 chip are considered likely. A performance in autumn can be expected.