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The iPhone 14 is not yet on the market, but one model is already emerging as a new bestseller. With good reason, the iPhone 14 Max is likely to be Apple’s biggest hit among the new smartphones.


As is well known, there will be four models of the iPhone 14 to choose from, with a new edition in mini format (5.4 inches) being ruled out. Due to weak sales of the iPhone 13 mini, Apple will ultimately discontinue this size option. Instead, there is one for the standard model with a 6.1-inch display with the iPhone 14 Max Variant with a larger display (6.7 inches).

iPhone 14 Max: 3 reasons for the success of the new Apple phone

Exactly this model, in contrast to the mini format, should be a mega success. The colleagues from 9to5Mac collected three reasons for this assumption (source: 9to5Mac). We can only agree and would like to explain them briefly.

1. It’s the biggest that counts

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Customers voted with their feet. Most of them don’t want a small smartphone these days. This buying behavior can already be observed in the past. The iPhone XS Max didn’t really offer more features than the iPhone XS. It became a success simply because of the larger display. Quite a few buyers would already prefer to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but then prefer to go for the normal iPhone 13 due to the higher price. In future, these price-conscious buyers will have a choice.

The current range – you can already say goodbye to the iPhone 13 mini:

2nd price beats features

As already mentioned, the lower price of an iPhone 14 Max should make a significant contribution to future success. Although customers have to do without premium features (new front design without a notch, better display, camera, faster chip, etc.), the expected price of less than $1,000 beats all these features in the end.

3. More battery is not possible

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The iPhone 14 Max is rumored to get an even bigger battery than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Since the screen is probably still only driven with a maximum of 60 Hz and not with 120 Hz as in the Pro model, the energy efficiency of this model should be much higher. Ergo: The iPhone 14 Max will probably not only be the iPhone with the largest battery, but also the variant that lasts the longest. A powerful argument for the purchase.

We are probably waiting for such a model of the iPhone 14 in vain:

The bottom line

Apple’s counter-proposal will definitely sell better than an iPhone 13 mini. In all probability, the iPhone 14 Max will ultimately even fight for the crown of the bestseller with the normal iPhone 14 from September. The latter offers hardly any reasons for an upgrade. Although the iPhone 14 Max is only equipped with the familiar A15 chip, the larger display alone could attract potential buyers. Ergo: The thing will be a success, of that we are sure.

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