Google Street View is practical, but is not available in Germany with current images or nationwide. Apple is now jumping into this breach. Their comparable feature “Look Around” is now available almost nationwide on iPhone, iPad and Mac.


On its own website, Apple advertises the Street View alternative with the note that “Ummachen” (the German name for “Look Around”) is only available in selected cities. The city of Munich made the start in April of this year. Now, however, the mega feature for Apple’s map app is being rolled out nationwide, so almost every street can be explored virtually, with a few minor exceptions (Those:

For iPhone and Mac: Apple is now launching “Street View” nationwide

The feature is not only available on the iPhone or iPad, “Look Around” can also be used on the Mac. Just look for the binoculars on the map and tap or click on them. On iOS we find the symbol in the lower left corner and on the Mac in the upper right corner next to the individual app control icons. According to Apple, the 360-degree views are mainly from 2020, but still this month pictures were taken with special vehicles and also on foot. But they are probably not in the view yet.

Our self-test – Apple’s look around feature is actually pretty much everywhere now. (Image source: Apple Maps, screenshots)
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Equivalent to Google Street View, Apple also pixelates people and license plates, but not houses or entire house facades. Since Street View is only available in a few cities in this country with outdated images, Apple manages a real coup. Users of Google Maps on the iPhone, but of course also on Android and Windows, can only look enviously. Apple thus creates a unique selling point and stands out from the competition.

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Google admits defeat

Interesting: From 2020 to 2022, Street View cars from Google were on the road again in Germany. However, the recordings should not be used for a new edition of the service, but according to Google they are only used to update the map services themselves. The provider leaves the field to Apple without a fight – people in Cupertino will be happy.