A game that bears a striking resemblance to Minecraft is currently in the top charts in the PlayStore. Despite practically the same graphics and the same characters, the game for the smartphone is just a brazen clone.


Smartphone hit looks like Minecraft

Minecraft is still one of the most successful games of all time. The block phenomenon has found a number of imitators over time, some of whom bring their own ideas with them. The mobile game Craft School: Monster Class even makes it into the top 5 of the top charts in the PlayStore.

A look at the product page in the PlayStore already shows that Craft School: Monster Class has simply taken many elements from Minecraft. The thumbnails already show the classic Minecraft look and also figures like Main character Steve, zombies, skeletons and endermen were only provided with googly eyes. Fans of the Netflix hit Squid Game should also be attracted with corresponding skins and cards. The “story” also revolves around a character named Herobrune. Maybe a distant relative of Minecraft legend Herobrine (Source: Craft School: Monster Class)?

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We’ll tell you how to make the real Minecraft look pretty:

Steal mobile clones from Minecraft and Fall Guys

Craft School: Monster Class has now been downloaded more than five million times from the PlayStore. The reviews give an average rating of at least 4.2 out of 5 stars. Although graphics and many sound effects were taken directly from Minecraft, the mobile game plays completely differently. The focus is on jump and run passages along with stealth sections.

Craft School: Monster Class is currently not the only clone in the top charts in the PlayStore. The Fall Guys copy of Stumble Guys is also represented there. Just like the template, you’ll also have to complete various colorful Takeshi’s Castle-style challenges. Control and maps are practically identical to the now free Fall Guys.