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August is going to be hot. Dota, Tekken, Cuphead or even Angry Birds are added to the list of video games adapted into series. Sandman, the DC Comics hero, comes to haunt your nights while Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx play vampire hunters in “Day Shift”.

Day Shift
Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx go hunting down vampires in “Night Shift” // Source: Netflix

It is hot in the middle of the afternoon. Here’s something to occupy your days in the shade while the thermometer is racing. The month of August is dense among arrivals on Netflix.

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If you are a fan of video game adaptations, you are going to be served with a new season for Dota : Dragon’s Blood or The Cuphead Show !but also the arrival of Tekken : Bloodline. On the film side, do not miss Carter or Day Shift with his unlikely duo as a new DC Comics hero emerges.

Series releases on Netflix in August 2022


Tom Sturridge embodies this sandman, DC Comics hero, who arrives on August 5 for 10 episodes. Your dreams and nightmares come to life in the footsteps of Dream, held prisoner for a century. Finally freed, he tries to repair his mistakes between different worlds and different times.

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Dota : Dragon’s Blood (Livre 3)

New season for the series drawn from the universe of the famous video game. Warriors must face an invisible enemy. An ultimate sacrifice to try to restore peace between peoples. And it starts again on August 11!

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Tekken : Bloodline

After Resident Evil, Arcane, Dota, Angry Bird et Cuphead — two series which are making their comeback on August 19 and 25 — it’s the turn of Tekken to expand the Netflix family of video game adaptations. From August 18, it will play fists. A young fighter dispossessed of his home plots his revenge with the help of his grandfather.

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  • 1st of August :
    • Minamdang Coffee
    • Big Tree City
  • August 2nd :
    • Forecasting Love & Weather
    • Good Doctor (saison 4)
  • August 3:
    • Good Morning, Veronica (Saison 2)
  • August 4:
    • Gambling school : Twin
    • Tamara Falco, Exquisite Marchioness (Spanish reality TV)
    • Super Giant Robot Brothers
  • 5 August :
    • Sandman
    • Twenty five twenty one
  • August 8:
    • Team Zenko Go (saison 2)
  • August 10:
    • Locke & Key (saison 3)
    • Renovation operation (issue)
    • Iron Chef: Brazil
    • School Tales : The series
    • Indian Matchmaking (season 2 — reality TV)
  • August 11:
    • Dota : Dragon’s Blood (Livre 3)
  • August 12:
    • My first times (season 3)
    • A Model family
  • August 13:
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (saison 8)
  • August 15th :
  • August 17:
    • Under the embers
    • nothing suspicious
  • August 18:
    • Musclor and the Masters of the Universe (season 3)
    • Tekken : Bloodline
  • August 19:
    • Echos
    • Cleo
    • Alma
    • Glow Up (season 4 — show)
    • Le Cuphead Show ! (Partie 2)
  • August 24:
    • Under Fire
    • Unforgettable Ollie
    • Mo
    • Queer Eye: Brazil (reality TV)
    • Selling the OC (reality TV)
  • August 25:
    • Angry Birds: a crazy summer (season 3)
    • Rilakkuma’s Adventures at the Amusement Park
  • August 26:
  • August 29:
    • Mighty Express (saison 7)
  • August 31 :
  • Coming :
    • Career plan
    • Delhi Crime (saison 2)

Film and documentary releases in August 2022

Day Shift

The hunt for vampires begins August 12 in Los Angeles. A man has one week to raise the money for his daughter’s school and braces. A shock casting for this film in which Jamie Foxx embodies the father who has become a vampire hunter. With Dave Franco and rapper Snoop Dogg by his side.

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A man wakes up with no memories, aided only by a mysterious voice speaking to him through a device implanted in his ear. He then embarks on a rescue mission. An amazing film to discover on August 5th.

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The Other Side of Sport (volume 2)

Starting August 16, Netflix is ​​launching a new sports documentary series. In this new volume, three opuses focus on the life of Manti Te’o, star of American college football who found himself caught in the throes of online social relations, on the brand AND1 which did much for the popularity of players of New York streetball or even the story of a former NBA referee who fell for corruption.

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  • 1st of August :
    • A man at the height
    • Walter
    • The kids
    • M : I Mission Impossible
    • Mission Impossible III
    • Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol
    • Mission Impossible — Rogue Nation
    • Top Gun
  • August 3:
    • Buba
    • Blame Karma?
    • Anthology Chaos: Woodstock 99 (doc)
    • Endless Night
  • August 4:
    • Wedding season
    • Our day Will Come
  • 5 August :
    • Carter
    • Fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie
    • Darlings
  • August 6:
  • August 9:
    • I killed my father (doc)
  • August 10:
    • The Robbers of the Century (doc)
    • The Songs of the Heart
  • August 11:
    • Question of balance: skateboarding according to Leo Baker (doc)
  • August 12:
    • Day Shift
    • 13: The Musical
  • August 16:
    • The Other Side of Sport (volume 2): The imaginary girlfriend (doc)
    • Ouija
    • Ouija boards: the origins
  • August 17:
    • One life or another
    • Royalteen
  • August 18:
    • Our language to cats (doc)
  • August 19:
    • 365 Days: The Year After
  • 20 August :
    • Fullmetal Alchemist : la vengeance de Scar
  • August 23:
    • L’Envers du sport (volume 2): AND1 and the golden age of streetball (doc)
  • August 24:
    • McAfee: from viruses to demons (doc)
  • August 25:
    • Never the same story (season 2) (doc)
    • That’s Amor
    • Made in China
  • August 26:
    • Me time: finally alone?
    • Seoul Vibe
    • love between adults
  • August 28:
    • Student services office
    • An easy girl
  • August 30:
    • The other side of sport (volume 2): A referee caught at fault (doc)
    • I am a killer (saison 3) (doc)
  • August 31 :
    • I came by
    • America: a club facing itself (doc)

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