Last Sunday, initially only the threat was in the room. But now I’m getting serious and actually saying goodbye to Netflix. There are several reasons for this, all of which, in my opinion, are more than just understandable.


A comment by Sven Kaulfuss.

My reasons for quitting Netflix

It didn’t even have to come to Netflix’s “second home tax”, in the end there were more points in favor of a temporary termination from the streaming provider than against it. I successfully fought my weaker self and now put an end to it – over and over. But what were the specific reasons that made me act?

  • Very acute: I’m about to start my annual leave. Why pay for Netflix when I can just cancel after my personal deadline and won’t use it for the next few weeks anyway. Luckily, I had checked and was able to shut down Netflix right on target – not a day too soon or too late.
  • The content: Apart from the fourth season of “Stranger Things” and the blockbuster “The Gray Man” (the most expensive Netflix film to date), I hadn’t watched anything or found anything interesting lately.
Managing Netflix subscriptions on iPhone made easy. (Image source: GIGA, screenshot)
  • Termination made easy: Since Netflix is ​​only available monthly and not annually, you can say goodbye to the service at very short notice. Since I then also subscribed to the flat rate via Apple’s App Store (the trick via the Netflix games), subscription management becomes child’s play. If I want to temporarily subscribe to Netflix again later, I can do this quickly and easily via my iPhone.
  • Price increase on Amazon Prime: Netflix can’t do anything about this point, but the competition from Amazon Prime Video, which I also use, now charges a surcharge of 20 euros per year – instead of just under 70 euros, I have to pay 90 euros from now on. At some point, that’s enough. Since Amazon Prime is not only Prime Video, Netflix has to swallow the toad and do without me and my money – at least temporarily.
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The last movie I saw on Netflix – solid action, but nothing more:

The Gray Man | Official Trailer | Netflix


The bottom line: Netflix has to do without me and I have to do without Netflix. Who misses whom more here? Time will tell. I just hope nobody there gets the idea of ​​​​selling discounted annual subscriptions like Amazon or Disney +. In return, monthly subscriptions may not even be offered anymore. Then the temporary return would be impossible. But I’ll wait until then and will only bring Netflix back to my home TV when there’s enough good content to discover again. But the times of the always ongoing subscription are over for me now.