Already old hat on the iPhone, in the Android world still something of a dream of the future: Together with the Pixel Buds Pro, Google finally wants to introduce a practical audio function so that music via Bluetooth headphones becomes more pleasant. Other manufacturers are following suit.


For Android: Google makes Fast Pair better

Bluetooth wireless headphones can be easily connected to Android phones and tablets via Google Fast Pair function and saved to Google account. Now the group has announced a useful extension, which is first in the in-house headphones Pixel Buds Pro will give. A short time later, other manufacturers should follow suit and also support the function.

Basically, it’s about one automatic audio switching, when there are multiple Android devices nearby. Android then recognizes itself which source is currently relevant and which is not (source: Google). Switching back and forth, which is sometimes quite annoying, is no longer necessary if the headphones want to connect to the wrong device.

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According to Google the function recognizes the respective context. So if a video is being watched on the tablet and only a text message is received on the cell phone, the headphones will not switch automatically. It’s different when you’re called. Android prioritizes each event and decides whether it’s worth switching over. According to Google, users should still be in control at all times.

Apple has long supported such audio switching on its AirPods. Sony also offers a similar technology.

More about the Pixel Buds Pro in the video:

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These are the Pixel Buds Pro from Google

Pixel Buds Pro now available for pre-order

The advance sale for the Pixel Buds Pro has already started, they are in the official Google store for 219 euros to get. The automatic audio switching is already included in the headphones, and some models from JBL and Sony will follow in the coming weeks.