The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G has only just come onto the market, but the price of the new smartphone has already been massively reduced. At MediaMarkt there is the smartphone with the Galaxy Watch 4 in a bundle at a great price.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in price drop

Updated July 27, 2022: MediaMarkt sells that Samsung Galaxy A53 currently for only 349 euros. You get the Galaxy Watch 4 for free. It currently has a value of 130 euros. You effectively only pay 220 euros for the mobile phone (check it out at MediaMarkt).

MediaMarkt gives you the Galaxy Watch 4 for free when you buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 for 349 euros. (Image source: GIGA)
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (128 GB)
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (128 GB)

The price may be higher now. Price as of 07/27/2022 09:26

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With the Galaxy A53 5G, Samsung launched a mid-range hit in April 2022. With a recommended retail price of 449 euros, the smartphone is significantly more expensive than its predecessor, the Galaxy A52, since this time there is only a 5G version. But that doesn’t matter, because just a few weeks after the market launch, Samsung itself corrected the price significantly downwards in a campaign. You are currently paying for the brand new smartphone only 339 euros (look at Samsung). The promotion runs until June 27, 2022.

Samsung is thus undercutting retailers such as MediaMarkt, where the Galaxy A53 is currently being offered at a reduced price of 343.70 euros (see MediaMarkt). Alternatively, you can currently get the Galaxy A52s even cheaper.

What distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy A53?

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and A33 5G: Highlight presented

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Basically what you get with the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (test). the perfect mid-range smartphone. It has a large, bright, high-resolution 120 Hz AMOLED display, a fast processor, plenty of RAM and internal storage, and a great camera. The battery has been increased to a whopping 5,000 mAh compared to the predecessor and the smartphone is waterproof like its more expensive brothers. There is also a five-year update guarantee. Especially now with the price drop, the smartphone is becoming extremely attractive.

But there are also disadvantages. The smartphone no longer comes with any accessories. You have to buy a power supply yourself. There is also no longer a protective film on the display. The 3.5 mm jack connection is also missing. Anyone who can get over that makes a really good deal here. That’s why the Galaxy A52s 5G is still a solid alternative, which is also a bit cheaper.