Samsung will soon introduce the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. However, an important detail has already become known, which is attracting attention. One of the biggest disadvantages of the predecessors should be done away with. It’s about battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with good battery life

With the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Samsung will soon be introducing a completely new smartwatch. It became known early on that the new watch has a significantly larger battery. Instead of only 361 mAh in a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with 44 or 46 mm, a 572 mAh battery should be installed in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Of course, this promises a longer battery life. But how high actually? According to a reliable source, three days shouldn’t be a problem at all:

In my test of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the battery life was one of the criticisms. With luck I reached two days, but only if I hardly did anything with it. When I was cycling and using the sensors, the battery life dropped to one day. A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro that lasts at least three days would of course be really great. So you would have no problems even with intensive use and would get a decent runtime.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: High quality and expensive

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Of course, all this has its price. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be the new spearhead of Samsung smartwatches and will be more expensive accordingly. But you would not only get a longer battery life, but also higher quality materials. This is how the new Smartwatch should be Sapphire glass and titanium are used.

The Classic version will no longer be available with the Galaxy Watch 5:

In addition to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, there will also be a regular Galaxy Watch 5. According to current leaks, the Classic model will be canceled without replacement. Samsung’s next Unpacked event will take place on August 10, 2022. Then at the latest we will find out whether all the information is confirmed.