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The Vodafone brand SIMon mobile advertises with low prices and maximum flexibility. At EUR 8.99 a month for 8 GB including all-network and SMS flat rates, the mobile phone tariff can definitely be described as a bargain. But beware: Before booking, you should definitely read the fine print.

SIMon: 8 GB & Flats from €8.99 per month

Inexpensive mobile phone tariffs that can be canceled monthly are a dime a dozen, but mainly in the o2 network. If you are looking for an inexpensive, uncomplicated smartphone tariff in the Vodafone or Telekom network, you have to dig a little deeper – or accept significant reductions in LTE speed. It is all the more gratifying that Vodafone With SIMon mobile has now launched a new brand that advertises with unbeatable conditions: For only 8,99 Euro per month you can send unlimited SMS and make calls and have 8 GB LTE data volume with up to 50 MBit/s available (see offer at SIMon). The whole thing can also be canceled on a monthly basis, so if a better offer comes up, you can opt out again right away.

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The tariff details at a glance:

Network: Vodafone
Allnet and SMS flat rate
8 GB LTE (max. 50 MBit/s)
EU-Roaming inklusive
Monthly cancellable
Costs: from EUR 8.99 per month, no connection fee

Sounds good, but unfortunately the conditions do not apply to everyone. The price depends largely on which provider you switch to SIMon from and whether you want to take your current phone number with you or not. Sound complicated? It is, because such pricing is unusual and therefore definitely in need of explanation.

SIMon mobile: Tariff costs in the Vodafone network

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Essentially there is SIMon 3 different price levelseven if the website suggests there are only 2. The service is the same: you get one Allnet/SMS flat rate and 8 GB Data volume with up to 50 MBit/s, monthly cancellable and without connection priceone 5G-Usage is not possible.

8,99 Euro per month everyone who takes their phone number with them pays (except from the providers listed under point 3)
11,99 Euro Everyone who doesn’t want to take their phone number with them but wants a new number pays a month
14,99 Euro Everyone who takes their phone number from the following providers pays a month: Congstar, Fraenk, Mobilcom-Debitel, o2, otelo, Tchibo Mobil, Telekom, Vodafone (!)

Danger: A porting of BILDmobil and Pure Mobile is not possible!

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8,99 Euro
11,99 Euro
14,99 Euro

Provider see SIMon page, e.g. B. Aldi Talk, Ay Yildiz, Blau, winSIM, etc. No portability, but new number Congstar, Fraenk, Mobilcom-Debitel, o2, otelo, Tchibo Mobil, Telekom, Vodafone

Prepaid or monthly terminable – what’s the better option when it comes to SIM-only mobile phone tariffs? Find out in this one Video:

SIMon mobile: Tariff bargains or trickery?

Since there are now countless mobile phone brands and mobile phone tariffs on the market, it is almost impossible to keep track. Fortunately, you can enter your old provider directly at SIMon and the price that you ultimately have to pay for the 8 GB tariff in the Vodafone network will be displayed immediately. For example, if you come from a Drillisch brand, such as winSIM, PremiumSIM or smartmobil, and now want to switch to the Vodafone network, the SIMon tariff will cost you EUR 8.99 per month, without any further costs and can be canceled on a monthly basis – clearly a good deal .

Unfortunately, this low price only applies to a fraction of all potential customers. Everyone else who wants to take their phone number with them pays a whopping 6 euros more per month. Since this not insignificant information only appears in the small print, you should definitely do the provider check before booking the SIMon mobile tariff.

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