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WhatsApp is not only used for chats, but also for sending memes or puzzles. We have put together the best WhatsApp games, puzzles and quizzes for you here.


WhatsApp games are often unpredictable. Above all, you never know whether your opponent is playing fairly. With a game like “pick a number between 1 and 50 and send it to me” you don’t know what to expect. You send 25 and your opponent thinks you have to invite him to dinner. The puzzles on WhatsApp are often reminiscent of pastimes during school breaks: “Unexpected guests come to you. You have juice, water and tea at home. What do you open first“. The correct answer is “The door“. Quiz games on WhatsApp, on the other hand, are often funny. For example, you have to guess movie titles made up of emojis. We have found something of everything for you.

Cool WhatsApp games for in between

WhatsApp games are usually about one person setting a task and the other having to complete it in order to get a result.


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At the word chain game you have to concentrate. One of you starts with a compound word, your counterpart has to continue it in such a way that his word begins with the second half of the word. Like this:

Garden shed → caretaker → master craftsman exam → exam question → question mark


At the WhatsApp game “1-50“ you should clarify that you will not go along with every nonsense. You will get a message that reads as follows:

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“Choose a number between 1 and 50 and send it to me. But if you take part, you really MUST do your job.”

Of course, this can turn out to be a trap, depending on the situation. What intentions the other player has.

These WhatsApp games like 1-50 start harmlessly…

A popular solution of the WhatsApp game “1-50” is as follows:

  1. Send me a picture of you
  2. Take a picture with someone from your family (mom, dad, brother, sister)
  3. I can choose a picture that you have to use as a profile picture for 1 hour
  4. Nix
  5. Write in your status that you are horny
  6. how old do you think i am
  7. let’s dance together
  8. Lass uns f*****
  9. Nix
  10. In your status write my name with a heart and leave it like that for a day.
  11. Take a picture of yourself with a sign with my name on it
  12. Write in your status that you are gay
  13. Answer me three questions honestly
    am i fat
    Would you kiss me?
    Do you think that bumblebees are bullied by bees because they are too fat 🙂
  14. Bring a pick-up line to a person you don’t like. With screenshot proof
  15. Send me a picture of your toilet
  16. Send me a picture of your best friends
  17. Let’s do something together?
  18. Change your status to:
  19. Take a picture of your butt in underwear.
  20. Make a video of you singing
  21. Make a video of you dancing
  22. Take a picture of your food
  23. Send me a picture of you in your underwear
  24. Nix
  25. Do three tasks of my choice 🙂
  26. Write in your status how horny I am 🙂
  27. Marry me on Facebook
  28. Let’s take pictures together
  29. Send a photo in swimwear
  30. Beat up a stuffed animal with video evidence
  31. Brush your teeth with mustard with video evidence
  32. Nix
  33. I can choose a task
  34. Draw a picture of how you find me and send it to me 🙂
  35. Describe me in three words
  36. How much am I worth to you?
  37. Let’s go drinking together
  38. We celebrate together within the next month
  39. Have you already done something that you weren’t allowed to do?
  40. Nix
  41. Text someone that you are dating me and send me a screenshot proof
  42. do you masturbate
  43. oral sex? 😀
  44. Kiss?
  45. Let’s gamble together
  46. Nix
  47. I have to take you to dinner 🙂
  48. You invite me to dinner 🙂
  49. Best Gangster Rap Song?
  50. Photo of your neckline 🙂 or as a boy photo of your eyes
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This is just one possible solution. The numbers and answers differ. On this version, the best answer is probably 47. Assuming you want to go out to eat with someone like that.

Send me the 25th picture

This game is more about a chain letter effect.

You will receive the following message and should react accordingly:

“Send me the 25th picture from your phone camera. But don’t cheat. Honesty is rewarded. Then send this message to 8 people and see what kind of pictures you get back.”

Of course, not everyone will participate, but if you do, you will surely have some fun.

WhatsApp puzzles

To be honest, most WhatsApp puzzles are more at kid level. Here are a few examples – including solution:

The WhatsApp puzzle with the feet standing in the room

This WhatsApp riddle is all about reading carefully and then thinking. Tip: Don’t start thinking about the number of animals and the number of their feet!

You enter a room. There are 3 dogs, 4 cats, a rabbit and a pig on a bed. Three canaries fly around the lamp, and a bat hangs on the curtain rod. Question: So how many feet are in the room?

As I said: WHERE are all the animals? None touches the ground. So there are your two feet in the room and also the four feet of the bed. The solution is here: 6.

WhatsApp question: What do you open first?

OK, this WhatsApp puzzle has to do with the basic order of an action. To solve it, you only have to think for a moment how you would do it yourself at home.

You’re sitting at home and suddenly surprise guests ring the doorbell. Your drink selection is not very large. You have beer, water, soda, sparkling wine and coffee on offer. What do you open first?

The solution to this WhatsApp riddle has to do with logic. you get guests What do you open first? The door!

Similar is:

“The doorbell rings very early in the morning, you’re still in bed. It’s an unexpected visitor. Your buddy wants to have breakfast with you. You have jam, honey, Nutella and cheese in the house. What do you open first?”

Here the door is not the correct answer. After all, it’s early in the morning, so the solution is: you open your eyes.

WhatsApp puzzles with the castle

Here the result is unexpected. By the way, the solution is 7… but why?

You live in the Middle Ages and want to invade a well-guarded castle. To do this, however, you must tell the knight at the gate the correct password. To spy on them, you hide in the moat. A trader comes and asks for admission. The knight says “28”! What is your answer? The dealer replies “14” and comes in. The next person requests admission and is given the number “8”. He replies “4” and is allowed in. The next person answers the number “16” with “8” and comes in. Now go there and get the number “20”. What do you have to answer to be let in?

The solution actually has little to do with arithmetic. You are given a number, for example eight. That Wort Eight consists of four letters, that’s the solution. So if you get 20 (twenty), you just have to count the letters. Twenty has seven letters – the answer is 7.

WhatsApp Riddles: Movie Quotes

In this WhatsApp puzzle you have to recognize a film by a single film quote. It can be any quote that appears in the film. how about Do you feel like puzzling? We give some quotes. But don’t cheat with Google!

Crucifixion is nonsense!life of Brian
Multipass!The fifth Element
It’s a shame she won’t live… but who cares?Blade Runner
People don’t always tell you what they think. They just make sure that you don’t get any further in life.Hannibal
Ouch! You hit me, you asshole!Austin Powers – Spy in secret missionary position
I can do it. I can see x-rays!The man who fell from the sky

The WhatsApp film quiz

Among the WhatsApp games, the film quiz is still the one that most people can take part in. Here are a few tips for cool film questions.

The pattern is of course always the same:

  • It’s about the movie title.
  • The other person has to guess.
  • In order for him to succeed, one tries to pack the core story into a few emojis.

Here are a few quiz questions that you can recreate yourself. You can find the solutions below.

Old man, boy, house, balloons – what is it?

A man is born an old man and then becomes younger by the day.

OK, that’s harder. For one thing, the film is much older. In addition, the figures cannot be represented in a type-appropriate manner.

The devil and shoes?

It’s not Madagascar! Think “Planet”!

Ring… plural… and an older man.

It’s all there. The moon, the (flying) bicycle, touching fingers and an alien.

Money and a turbaned Indian should do the trick, right?

A magnifying glass for searching and a small tropical fish…

Cool sunglasses paired with an alien…

OK, this isn’t a movie for everyone. But one or the other must have seen him.

The full film title is already in the picture here.

A bit older, but then even a series was made out of it: A policeman… weapons…

The title is not martial arts bears!

The young man’s name is Edward and he’s not a vampire or a hairdresser.

Tip: The ball is called Wilson!

Come on, it’s easy!

Not quite as easy and difficult to present. The solution is most likely in the “Guard”…

Everything you need is in the picture…

This isn’t Lord of the Rings!

The film quiz solutions

Well, did you know all the solutions?

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