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From art direction to character modeling, The Last of Us has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of a new generation of graphics assets, allowing this remake to achieve the visual fidelity that Naughty Dog aspired to in creating this new experience.

The Last of Us remake on PS5 will feature a host of new features and improvements that will bring the game closer to its original vision, according to the co-president of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann. Creative Director Shaun Escayg and Game Director Matthew Gallant also take a look at these many game-changing changes to the title in a dev diary-like video.

  • Neil Druckman : “Over two years ago, when we were finalizing The Last of Us 2 and working on flashbacks to a scene from the first game, we were excited to say to ourselves ‘Oh, if we were making The Last of Us look as good as, if not better than, what we did with The Last of Us 2’. We really pushed the limits of what we could do from a gameplay and graphics perspective, and we thought if we did that we could actually get closer to our original vision of what the first game would have been. if we hadn’t been limited by technology (…) Now that we have our engine on the PS5, haptics, 3D audio, fast loading, it really creates a much more immersive experience and, as a result , much more emotional (…) There’s something special about the core experience of playing Joel and Ellie on that journey, and then taking that experience and really honoring it and holding on to it. authenticity, but to elevate it in any way we can, whether it’s development, art direction, technology, whatever allows us to make that experience better, not different, but tremendously better, c that’s why for me it’s a definitive way to play The Last of Us.
  • Shaun Escayg : “PS5 technology is like a box of tools and gadgets that we can rely on to use 4K, HDR, improved haptics or even 60 frames per second. It allowed us to reimagine The Last of Us. It gave us the opportunity to rebuild our characters with the highest fidelity. Not only are the characters more detailed, but I mean down to the irises and the depth of the pupils. You dive into the eyes of the characters. Other than that, the facial animation is much more believable, all the nuances, all the subtle little reactions, the eye exchanges, it’s all almost closer to the original performance. We’re now able to have the highest fidelity characters not only in cutscenes, but also in-game, they’re the same characters, allowing us to make seamless transitions, and every part of the game benefited from smooth transitions and emotional scenes. Our stories are tied to gameplay. All of these elements are designed to keep you constantly in this world (…) We have completely revised the artistic direction, starting from these vast panoramas which not only look beautiful, but which make you feel the environment, in a way much more visceral. The rooftops over the capital building, for example, it’s like a breath of fresh air when you go up there and feel that sort of release of intention, and then you can juxtapose that in the tunnels in the wilderness and you have this wet, flooded channel, you feel that moisture, you can really smell it. All of these environments are completely reimagined.
  • Matthew Gallant : “The original creative vision for The Last of Us, I think in many ways, was bigger than what the PS3 was capable of (…) One of the things that the PS5 really enables is that we’re able to to have a density of physical objects in a scene that we never could have done before, as it always has. The dream is to have this number of destructible objects in a scene, which give the impression that the world is rich and that we live there. The materials have the properties that are expected. The Pittsburgh Turret Truck, when it fires at you, tears through concrete and sends objects left and right. It gives us a much more dynamic range of gameplay to play. Our AI technology has improved incredibly. We built on the AI ​​from The Last of Us 2 and it has sophisticated systems for things like fundamental lore that allows NPCs to perceive and understand what the player is doing. One of the other big improvements in AI is about allies. The ally technology that we developed for The Last of Us 2 has this very sophisticated understanding of, ‘Okay, this is where the enemies can see their exposure’. We don’t just have exposure, but also future exposure, so allies can know ‘Okay, this enemy is advancing and it’s about to turn towards this corner, so in three seconds this corner will be exposed , so I better move now to avoid this enemy seeing me”. This allows the characters to make very complex decisions and maintain that sense of stealth in a much more believable way. Another significant gameplay improvement is that we have a technology called motion matching, which uses logic that tries to match the desired motion to a set of hundreds of animations. A doctor in mocap performed a whole series of moves to get a complete set of all the ways a person can move. Then, with each frame, it tries to find the animation that best matches the character’s trajectory, and that motion pattern makes for a really seamless transition feel. The player movement is a lot cleaner, it’s really fluid organic movement in space (…) One of the things I absolutely love about 3D audio and The Last of Us is being able to hearing an enemy before they sneak up on you, and trying to do a stalker fight with 3D audio is so much fun. You hear them hopping into another room and you hear them trying to get behind you. This two-step reaction – hearing, turning, seeing and reacting – reinforces the feeling of being anchored in this character and in this world (…) With the PS5, the amount of adjustment possibilities that the developers have on the DualSense is really very cool. All weapons in The Last of Us have variable resistance on the triggers when you point them. For the arc, it works as follows. At the very beginning, when you start to shoot, there is a small resistance, then as the arc becomes more powerful, the resistance increases and when you release the arc, this resistance also comes out of the trigger. When you aim and fire the shotgun you get a haptic vibration on the shot and then what I think is one of the ways the DualSense really moves things forward is you’re going to get a vibration hypothetical on the shotgun pump and what’s much more sophisticated about it on the DualSense is that an effect has a bit like a speaker inside and it plays an audio file that comes to through the vibrations and these two beats like what you’re going to feel on the controller. This is also related to the new workshop animations. If you see Joel disassembling a weapon, screwing something up, or putting a new rod on a weapon, the moment he jams it, you’ll get haptic feedback. We have haptics for all the moments you can claim to have, like climbing, jumping, landing, throwing an object, melee fighting, all of those high intensity moments are represented in haptic feedback.

Du gameplay pour The Last of Us Remake

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Available on PS5 on September 2 and in development on PC, The Last of Us Part Remake runs in native 4K resolution at 30 frames per second or dynamic 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Naughty Dog worked with its community to incorporate some fan requests, including a permadeath mode, a speedrun-focused mode, and a host of new unlockable costumes for Joel and Ellie. The Last of Us Remake also features over 60 accessibility options, which exceeds what the developer was able to offer with The Last of Us 2, and includes a new audio description mode, ensuring the game is rewarding and inclusive for all.

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