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The domestic mobile platform intended for home security Zuluhood now offers preventive and reactive security services from AKD Zaštita when they are really needed, and as they point out, this is great news right in the holiday season, which is in full swing and when many of us they suffer because of the fact that they leave their home without (real) supervision for a week, two or three.

Namely, let’s recall that Zuluhood is, on the one hand, a surveillance platform based on the community and self-organization of users, while on the other hand, it is a platform for purchasing security services. It is precisely this possibility of purchasing professional preventive and reactive security services, and exactly when it is really needed, that is one of the most interesting and innovative services of this platform.

So now, through the free Zuluhood application, the following services are available: urgent check (Urgent check) – security guards are sent to the location of the home without delay to check the home, children or the elderly. Security guards are available 24 hours, so a check can be requested at any time of the day or night.

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Check my home (Check my home) – a regular visit of the home, household members and/or cottage by professional security guards who will inform the client about the condition found. In addition to receiving information about whether everything is okay, the physical presence of the security guard is also an additional protection because it sends a clear message that the home is guarded.

Forward alarms (Daily monitoring) – for the first time, this service is enabled for smart home systems, such as D-Link or Arlo cameras and Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Also, for the first time, the service is available on request and for a shorter period of time – during weekend trips or vacations. The user does not have to be available – all alarms are automatically forwarded to the monitoring center, which, if necessary, sends security guards to check on the spot whether everything is OK.

Home Guard – regardless of whether you need this service just for a few hours or a few days, you can easily order it through the Zuluhood application. Security guards will physically come to the location of the home and guard it during the requested period.

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Safe socializing (Event Guard) – are you organizing a social gathering, a large gathering, a celebration or a wedding? Now you can easily get to the security guard who will take care of it so that everything goes smoothly.

The aforementioned services are currently provided by AKD-Zaštita, but soon Zuluhood users will be able to choose between several security companies. Also, new services are being prepared, such as care for the elderly. With the service called Check on Seniors, it will soon be possible to simply organize a regular visit to parents or grandparents, and the client will be able to receive clear feedback after the visit through the Zuluhood application, they claim in the company and add that currently such a service can request through the Urgent check service.

In Zuluhood, they are extremely satisfied with the cooperation with AKD-Protection, and especially with the fact that it starts right in the holiday season, when it is most needed.

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“Trust is the key thing in security, so we are glad that Zuluhood has recognized in us a partner that it can trust, but also that the users themselves trust. We believe that they will recognize this innovative, practical and simple service that now enables access to our services at any time, regardless of where they are”, concluded Josip Turkalj, member of the Management Board of AKD Zaštita.

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