8 Methods How to Open Files on Mac Computers

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Opening a file in Mac seems to be easier as this is what we all do several times a day. Most probably, you use the same method every time you need to open any file. But, do you know that you can do it in several ways? 

Wondering how to open files on Mac using various methods? In this article, you’ll find these different ways that can assist you in opening files, including the ones that are not so obvious.

Open a File by Choosing an App

You can open a file by selecting a specific app. For this, drag the required file onto the app icon in the Dock or the Finder. Next, in the Finder, choose the file. Select File, tap on Open With, and then select an app. 

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Control-click the chosen file, select Open With, and then pick an app. After successfully opening the app, select File and then Open. If it doesn’t open a file with a certain application, the file might not be recognized by that app, or it might be damaged.

Open From the Dock

Another method you can use is the app icon in your Mac’s Dock. Just click and hold that icon. Alternatively, control-click or right-click on any app icon in the Dock. You will see a menu with the list of recent items if the application can open files. 

Choose a file you want to access with that application. You can use the Dock to open an AirDrop file. Using AirDrop to share files helps in sharing different types of content on your Mac. If it is still unclear how do I turn on AirDrop on my Mac, go through in-depth tutorials available online. 

Access Hidden Files in Finder

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Is there any file that you want to access but are not able to open as it gets hidden somewhere? Not an issue. You can get them in the Finder. Click the hard drive under Locations in the Finder and launch the Macintosh HD folder. 

To see the hidden file, press Command + Shift + .(period). Alternatively, you can do the same thing but inside the Documents, Applications, and Desktop folders.

Double-Click to Open a File

This is the most basic way on Windows as well as Mac. By default, the files open with the app that is assigned to work with their specific file type. For example, the .xls file will be accessed in Excel. 

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By double-clicking on any app, you can open each file type. However, you can access the files with other applications by changing the default app setting. You can use the same method to open a file received as an attachment to any email.

Open a File from Dialog

Another simple method to open a file on a Mac computer is to use the Open dialog of any specific application. But, make sure that the app you are using will support that particular file type. 

Start with pressing Command + O in your application and then go to the file you want to open. Select that file and click the Open or press Return. If you are in an Open dialog and wish to see a file, select it and press the spacebar.

See Hidden Files in Terminal

This method is worth a try if you are finding any problems in opening a file in any other way. Open the Terminal by going to Launchpad and then Other. In Terminal, run the command defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles true and then hit Enter. 

You can run the Mac Terminal command killall Finder and then press Enter. After running both lines of code, you can view hidden files in Finder. However, the temporary files will be available on the desktop.

Open Recent Menu

If you want to re-open any file, you can do that by using the Open Recent menu of a specific app. Select File and click Open Recent. Next, choose the required file. Remember that this menu features a certain number of files, so you have to adjust the number of files. 

Go to the System Preferences in the General category and choose the Recent Items menu. Now, select a number from none to 50.

Open From Spotlight

You can open files from the Spotlight window on your MacBook Pro. All you have to do is go to the menu bar and hit the Spotlight magnifying glass icon. Enter the file name, a tag, keywords, or any specific part of the file’s content to search for the file.

Once you see that file in the list, navigate to it using the arrow keys. Next, click the Return option to open it or simply double-click it.


So, here is your answer to how to open files on Mac easily and quickly. Which one do you find much easier? Well, you can use anyone based on your requirements. If you want to determine which file is consuming the most space on your system, you can use third-party apps and optimize your computer.

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