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Believe it or not, someone at Google found that their Internet communicator offering was a bit complex and needed to be simplified. The result is exactly the opposite. In a way, the funny situation demonstrates the confusion that reigns in this area and for which even Google itself is to blame.

Complaining about fragmentation in the field of Internet communicators is already an old and well-worn song. The days when everyone was on ICQ are so long gone that they are somewhere between VHS tapes and dial-up Internet connections. That different solutions appear is quite understandable in today’s complex world. It’s no longer just about who has a better app or a more reliable network, it’s also about which government or advertising agency gets access to your conversations.

The top floor of this “digital Tower of Babel” then belongs to Google. Do you still remember its beginnings, when everyone enthusiastically highlighted the simplicity of its main page compared to, say, Yahoo? Too bad it didn’t stop there. The original Hangouts were quite widespread thanks to the integration with Gmail, but instead of enhancing and promoting them, the company decided to churn out overlapping and competing communicators: Allo, Duo, Meet… thesis than for one article.)

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The competition behaves in a similar way. In turn, Microsoft is suffocating Skype, because Teams and so on – until in the end everyone wonders why the startup Zoom got away from them during the pandemic. We all shake our heads in incomprehension at such behavior, but then one says to oneself that, as a small Czech person, they do not understand the world of big business and IT and that they know better what they are doing at Google. Not quite. reports that someone at Google has come to the surprising realization that their offering is too complicated in this area. This time, Černý Peter was selected by the Duo application. Instead of heading straight to the graveyard, she was given one last chance in the form of a rebrand. It will be called – drum roll please – Meet. What about the fact that such a name is not very original, even in its own stable. The original Meet will be called Meet (original) and will apparently slowly age out.

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It reminds me of an old cartoon joke where a person stands at the reception desk of a large company and says in a panic: “Hello, I’m supposed to come here for an interview, but I’m not sure if it’s on the twelfth on the eleventh floor or on the eleventh on the twelfth floor.” in the digital world, the similarity of words Meet, meet, original a originally he says about a sketch that even the comedians from the Monty Python group wouldn’t be ashamed of.

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