We’ve been waiting for the starting signal for weeks, now the time has come: Google has finished Android 13 and is already running the new operating system on the first smartphones. First, their own pixel cell phones get fresh functions. But it won’t be long before other Android smartphones are also supplied.

Android 13 is here: Google is making the update available for Pixel devices first

Google has hurried: Android 13 is ready and is currently being rolled out. It starts with their own smartphones from the Pixel series, as has already been announced. So if you own one, you can expect an upgrade to Android 13. As always, such an upgrade wave can also arrive a little later.

Anyone who is one of the very fast ones can now opt for Android 13 look forward to some new features. We have put together a selection for you:

  • More Control over notifications: In Android 13, you decide which apps are allowed to notify you and which are not. This has been going on for a long time, but Google is turning the tables. The default so far has been that apps are given permission for notifications. On Android 13, apps must actively seek your permission, by default it is disabled. A thumbs up from us for a better overview.
  • Your pictures, your decision: It’s always amazing which apps all need access to your media. Google won’t change anything about that, but you won’t have to release your entire media library for this in the future. If an app needs access to an image or video, you can share just that one file.
  • Android 13 brings Smartphones and tablets closer together: URLs, videos, images or entire texts can be easily copied on one Android device and pasted on the other. Cumbersome sending back and forth via WLAN, Bluetooth or e-mail is no longer necessary.
  • Android tablets are becoming more powerful: The renewed taskbar should provide an overview of all your apps. From there you can also open apps in split view and work side by side. With increased multitasking, Android tablets are taking an important step in catching up with Apple.
  • Practical feature for multilingual people: In Android 13, the system language no longer automatically determines which language an app runs in. You should be able to set languages ​​for individual apps yourself. A useful feature especially for writing programs or chats with foreign friends.
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We already know some of the functions of Android 13 from the last beta version:

Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung: who will win the race for Android 13?

Android 13 will also be available for smartphones from other manufacturers this year, as Google further announces. Samsung is with its own coating usually particularly quickly, However, it had already taken longer than usual for the beta version. Nevertheless, we assume that owners of mobile phones from the Galaxy series will not have to wait much longer. But even with cell phones of the first series from Xiaomi, Motorola or Oppo, it shouldn’t take too long. The latter has already announced which Oppp phones will receive the update.