Owners of a smartwatch with Wear OS as the operating system can breathe a sigh of relief. Google is finally working on a feature that will make switching to a new smartphone much easier. Instead of a forced reset, there should be a backup option.

Google: Smartwatches get cloud backup

Google wants to make it easier for smartwatch owners when they switch to a new smartphone. In the beta version of Google Play Services, a note has appeared in this regard, which actually does not allow any other conclusion. There you can now read about a backup to Google One, i.e. the possibility Back up Wear OS smartwatch data to the cloud. This would make the transition much easier.

At the moment it still looks like that when you switch to a new cell phone, the Smartwatch reset to factory settings must become. Although there is an unofficial workaround that does not require a data reset, it is not considered particularly user-friendly. An official solution provided by Google would certainly be preferred by smartwatch owners.

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Since the backup feature has only just surfaced — and Google hasn’t commented on it yet — many details are yet to be revealed. Basically all we know is that Google is working on a cloud backup for Wear OS and that this should be offered as an option (Source: XDA Developers). Accordingly, there will be no compulsion to use Google One.

You should pay attention to this when buying a Smartwatch:

Google: Cloud backup for the Pixel Watch?

When exactly google that Smartwatch-Backup in der Cloud will offer is still unclear. Google may offer the feature alongside the Pixel Watch, which is slated to launch in fall 2022. Some details about Google’s first smartwatch are yet to be revealed – and there could be disappointment when it comes to the processor.