More and more manufacturers are building Android tablets. As is now apparent, however, interest in these devices is falling more and more. But even Apple is not safe from declining sales figures with its iPads, as a current analysis shows.


Android tablets are massively losing market share

The second quarter of 2022 was not looking good for Android tablet makers. The market share of Android tablets has never been so small as in the last three months. Only 49 percent of the entire tablet market were Android tablets. Last year at the same time it was 21 percent more. The entire tablet market fell sharply by 15 percent. Samsung itself is down 13 percent, which is okay when you look at the competition:

According to Strategy Analytics, the tablet market has fallen sharply. (Image source: Strategy Analytics)

Lenovo, for example, has lost an impressive 25 percent. Amazon at least 19 percent and Huawei collapsed completely and was able to sell 34 percent fewer tablets. Apple can still save itself with a reduced sales of 7 percent and remains in first place with a market share of 38 percent.

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Basically, these are not good prospects for the tablet market. Strategy Analytics gives the reason for this currently tense situation in the world with high inflation and the need to save. Of course, hardly anyone buys a new tablet, which is actually only a luxury good, to be honest.

Android will be significantly more adapted for Android. But smartphones also benefit:

Can Google turn the tide?

So far, Google has left the tablet manufacturers to their own devices. Just this year, Google adapted Android specifically for tablets and optimized its own apps to encourage manufacturers to build more Android tablets. Many manufacturers have now invested in development, but people are not buying devices because they need to save. It will be a mammoth task for both Google and manufacturers to get customers excited about new devices again. Otherwise, interest in developing new Android tablets will quickly level off again.