When should you buy a new Apple product? Maybe not if a successor is already available in the foreseeable future. That’s why you should stay away from the following 11 Apple gadgets. Whether iPhone, Apple Watch or new Mac – caution is advised.


If you buy a new product, you don’t want to be surprised a little later by the idea of ​​a better successor. Hardware updates are also regularly available from Apple. Better you know which products will be replaced soon. You should therefore wait with the purchase of the following items from Apple.

11 Apple products you shouldn’t buy right now

  • AirPods Pro – unchanged in the program for almost three years. The successors should finally appear in 2022. So if you can wait, it would be better to do so. If in doubt, the current model might even be available for sale at a slightly lower price.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 – It is already clear that this oldtimer will no longer even support the upcoming watchOS 9. This smartwatch is therefore not future-proof, nobody should buy it anymore. At least not at the official Apple price. As a successor, Apple will launch a new version of the Apple Watch SE in September 2022.

If you want to use the features of watchOS 9, you can no longer rely on the Apple Watch Series 3:

Apple introduces watchOS 9

  • Apple Watch SE – didn’t get a successor last year, this will change in 2022. So it’s better not to buy it and wait for the new model, which is still similar in many respects, but will be significantly improved.
  • Apple Watch 7 – this number will be replaced. As expected, with the Apple Watch Series 8 and also with a larger and more robust model. Technically, the 7 Series will still be tip-top for a few years, but it should only be considered as a discontinued model with a significant price advantage. The current rule is – hands off!
  • iPhone 12 – the 2020 model remains in the program, but will take the current position of the iPhone 11 once the iPhone 14 is introduced. Normally this means a price reduction and therefore the purchase should currently be discouraged. However, the weakened euro could throw a spanner in the works. Still, we’d wait and see before buying this older model this year.
  • iPhone 13 – the number 14 is on the way and could be shown to the world public as early as September 7th. Even if the iPhone 14 could become more expensive due to the current currency weakness and the innovations are limited, the whole picture only becomes clear after the presentation. So it’s better to wait.
  • iPhone 13 Pro (Max) – in contrast to the normal iPhone 14, the Pro successors will receive the most innovations. Faster chip, 48 megapixel camera, always-on display and much more is expected. If you really want the best iPhone 2022, you shouldn’t rush to buy the old model and wait for the successor in September.
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The iPhone 13 will probably remain in the range, but not the iPhone 13 Pro – you shouldn’t buy either of them at the moment:

  • iPad (9. Generation) – cheap yes, modern but only with drawbacks. The potential successor of the 10th generation is completely different. It should come as early as October and will have a larger display, narrower bezels and probably no longer have a home button. The design should therefore be based on the iPar Air along with Touch ID in the power button. The current model looks really old.
  • iPad Pro – the 2021 model is undoubtedly still a wonderful tablet today, but it will be even better in October. Customers can expect an iPad Pro with the latest M2 chip, better cameras and the option of wireless charging.
  • Mac mini – the cheapest Mac is about to get even better. At least one update including the M2 chip can be expected. Anyone who doesn’t need the smallest Mac mini immediately is well advised to wait.
  • Mac Pro – old, expensive and without a future. Nobody should buy a Mac with an Intel chip anymore. In the future, the system (macOS) will be geared more and more to Apple’s own chips and will have fewer and fewer new functions for Intel processors. Therefore: don’t buy it and wait for the successor in any case, even if it could take until 2023.

Those who can wait have an advantage

Bottom line: If you don’t need a direct replacement for a defective device, you should hold off on purchasing the Apple products mentioned above. After all, the few weeks or months no longer matter.