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In a recent study, the comparator USwitch looked at the distribution of charging stations in the largest cities in Europe. And Paris is not really at the top of the ranking…

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Today, Europe has more than 300,000 charging stations. A relatively high and constantly growing figure. Nevertheless, and as a study published by the ChargeUp association had already pointed out last May, these are very unevenly distributed on the Old Continent.

In effect, while Germany and the Netherlands have 699 chargers per 100,000 inhabitants, France has only 44. Currently, the country has just over 60,000 public terminals, a figure far from the target of 100,000 by the end of 2021 promised by the government. While sales of electric cars are accelerating, it is nevertheless essential to increase the number of infrastructures.

Can do better

And there is still a lot of work to do, as revealed by a study recently published by the online comparator USwitch. The company wanted to compare the density of terminals in 31 major European cities. And we can’t really say that Paris is at the top of the ranking. In effect, if the capital has the largest volume of charging points, with no less than 305 stations according to the press release, it also has the 9th lowest density. Indeed, there are only 0.16 terminals per square kilometer and 0.03 terminals per 1,000 people.

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But the City of Light is not the worst in this area. It is indeed Sofia, in Bulgaria which wins the inglorious first prize. The capital has only 15 charging stations, i.e. 0.01 per km2. It is then followed by Vilnius, capital of Lithuania (21 stations, 0.05 per km2) and by Riga, capital of Latvia (15 stations, 0.05 per km2).

Nevertheless, if these figures are not necessarily very flattering, it should be remembered that most owners of electric cars recharge their cars at home. According to a report by Enedis, “thehe main charging is done mostly at home, charging on the road and at work remains marginal […]. 88% of respondents compared to 70% in 2019 never or rarely use public charging stationss ».

Which cities are the best endowed?

But then, who are the best students among the European capitals? Unsurprisingly, Norway tops the ranking, while Oslo offers no less than 2,481 charging stations, or around 5.47 per km2.. The Scandinavian capital is followed by London, which provides 4,991 charging points, or 3.17 per km2. Finally, it is Amsterdam which comes on the 3rd step of the podium, with 680 terminals, or 2.24 per km2.

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Suffice to say that France still has work to do before it can access the top 10 European cities with the highest density of public charging stations. Admittedly, their number has increased by 48% in one year, as AVERE reminds us, but this is still far from sufficient. As a reminder, 11,000 charging points were installed between January and the end of June 2022while 60% of motorway service areas are currently equipped.

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