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In recent days, a good plan has been circulating on the Surface Duo. Offered at 619 euros, Microsoft’s “two-screen smartphone” has never been so affordable. Don’t be fooled, even at this price, it’s a very bad plan.

On sites dedicated to good deals, such as Dealabs, we saw a seemingly attractive deal on August 2. The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s funny two-screen device (which the company refuses to call a smartphone, even if it is a smartphone), is on sale at -59%. Its price goes from 1,549 euros to 619 euros for the 128 GB version, and from 1,649 euros to 659 euros for the 256 GB version. become very attractive. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. For two reasons that we are going to explain to you, this “good plan” looks like a very bad deal.

Reason 1: The crossed out prices are completely wrong

Before going into the background, let’s look at the prices put forward by Microsoft. The first-generation Surface Duos were indeed launched in early 2021 at prices of 1,549 and 1,649 euros (which was already three times too expensive at the time), but these are no longer at all the prices practiced in 2022. D first because Microsoft had lowered their prices in the United States to 999 dollars before their arrival in Europe (while keeping the price of 1,549 euros here…), then because the Surface Duo had a successor, the Surface Duo 2. Launched at 1,599 euros in France, the second generation of Microsoft’s dual phone now costs 1,029 euros in France (and less than 1,000 dollars in the United States, often with promotions).

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The prices crossed out by Microsoft are absolutely false, which surprises us for a brand of such caliber. Especially since the original prices have always been greatly overvalued and the product, at its launch as today, is completely obsolete.

The Surface Duo is cute, but doesn’t perform very well. // Source: Microsoft

Reason 2: Surface Duo is a bad product

Because no, the Surface Duo (just like its successor) was not successful. Victim of an incalculable number of bugs, this device is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s biggest industrial accidents, as reported by the Frandroid media or 01net, which tested it. Using a Surface Duo was really not pleasant, there were unsolicited things happening on the screen, without any logic. Despite updates, Microsoft has never been able to fix everything, especially since bugs are only part of the problem. The Surface Duo has several Android updates overdue.

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Le Surface duo // Source : Microsoft

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The Surface Duo’s other flaw is its design year, 2019. Even though it was released in 2021, the device uses outdated components, like the Snapdragon 855 processor (three generations behind). It also lacks many essential functions, such as a camera. Yes, you read correctly, the first Surface Duo was content with a module dedicated to video calls.

The one that was not recommendable in 2019 is even less so in 2022, even at 619 euros. The only reason you might want one is for the collector aspect, but we’re not sure this product will really make an impression. In short, even if the price tempts you, pass your turn.

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