Lack of gas, skyrocketing electricity prices, inflation at record levels: times are getting tougher. Many Germans therefore put off buying new electronics and prefer to buy used goods, according to the price specialists at Idealo. At the top of the consumer wish list: Apple products.


Whether at the gas station, in the supermarket or when billing for ancillary costs: Prices in Germany are rising and rising and are burning a hole in the wallet of many Germans. With every new purchase, people think more than twice as to whether it is really necessary. The beneficiaries of the current crisis are used and second-hand goods, which are becoming increasingly popular. New figures from Idealo show the growing popularity.

Apple products most in demand for used and second-hand goods

After a representative survey in June 2022 showed that 65 percent of those surveyed wanted to buy more used or second-hand goods due to the price increases, this picture solidified again in July. Compared to the previous month, Idealo recorded one almost 30 percent higher demand for used goods (Source: Idealo).

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Electronic items are particularly popular and especially smartphones. First up: Apple. at More than half of the top 100 used items on Idealo are Apple products. The top 3 goes completely to the US group. This is how users would most often click on reseller products for the AirPods Pro. “The Apple AirPods 2 (2019) land in second place. The third most popular used item on idealo is the Apple iPhone 11 (64GB, Black).”

Samsung can also claim almost a quarter of the top 100. However, only the current smartphones from the South Koreans make it into the top 10, namely the Galaxy S21 in gray and with 128 GB of memory and the Galaxy S21 Ultra in black with 128 GB of memory.

How to save when shopping online:

Up to 60 percent price savings on used goods

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And how much do buyers save when buying used? According to Idealo, it has compared the “average prices for used and new goods in particularly popular product categories.” Result: Depending on the product group, the Savings of up to 60 percent. In the particularly popular category of mobile phones and smartphones, the average saving in July 2022 was 32 percent.