Google has made an inconspicuous but nonetheless important change to its Play Store. Unlike before, the version number of Android apps is no longer displayed. It is currently still unclear whether the missing information is just a bug or whether Google acted deliberately.

Play Store: Android apps without version numbers

The version number shows at a glance whether the app installed on the smartphone is up to date. Innovations in apps can also be easily found out via the version number and the changelog. The version number was always easy to find in the Google Play Store – until now. For reasons that have not yet been clarified Google removed the number from apps.

It could be just an error, which Google will hopefully correct quickly. If Google deliberately removed the version number, one can only speculate about possible reasons. It is also unclear why the number only disappeared in the Play Store app, but not in the web version. The missing version number is only noticeable with smartphone apps, but not with apps for smartwatches or for Google TV (source: 9to5Google).

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The change was made in the latest play store beta discovered, which has the version number 31.6.13-21. Along with the beta, the new logo of Google’s app store is coming to the first devices. Compared to the old version, however, the differences are manageable.

Whether Android or iOS, these apps belong on every cell phone:

Play Store: Google is bringing back app permissions

After complaints from users, Google has the List of app permissions in Play Store recently reintroduced. Previously, Google had decided to display more general information about app security instead of specifically pointing out the permissions required by the app.