The experts at DxOMark took a close look at the camera in Google’s new Pixel 6a. Not only in a direct comparison with the Pixel 6 does the cell phone hold its own astonishingly well. The mobile phone’s display also received a high score.


Google Pixel 6a: Strong review for camera performance

DxOMark has released the results of its Pixel 6a camera and display test. Accordingly, the Google cell phone comes up in the camera area strong 130 points. The smartphone was able to secure second place in the high-end segment – only the Pixel 6 was rated even better here with 132 points.

If the Camera performance of all smartphone classes compared, the Pixel 6a ranks 21st, right next to the iPhone 13 (mini). The Pixel 6 can be found in 12th place.

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Overall, the testers from DxOMark got the “really good photo and video quality” favor. “Good” exposure and wide dynamic range are also found on the plus side, as is “effective” image stabilization. In many cases, the cameras provide “excellent” results.

It’s not quite as good zoom capability of the cell phone away. In addition, a certain image noise should be noticeable in all lighting conditions. In low light, the loss of fine details is also to be expected. DxOMark also wonders why the bokeh blur effect is not visible in the preview.

These features are unique to Pixel phones:

Google Pixel 6a: Good but not perfect display

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In addition to the cameras, DxOMark also took a closer look at the display. the Brightness is described as “reasonable”.. With mobile games, customers can rely on “precise” touch controls. However, the Pixel 6a only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, while the Pixel 6 has 90 Hz.

The screen wasn’t enough for a top position. at sun exposure the display is said to be difficult to read and the performance of HDR videos leaves a lot to be desired. In the end it is only enough for 86 points.