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Apple is doing more and more with ads within the App Store. on the tab Today Within the application you will soon see advertising. However, the American company can count on some criticism with this decision. It has always had a strong opinion about the business model of Google and Facebook, which work a lot with targeted advertising.

When you open the App Store now, you will immediately arrive at the Today-tab. This was part of a major redesign of iOS 11. Now Apple uses it to point users to new, fun, or interesting apps. In the future, however, this will also be the place where the company will earn more money.

Pay for a spot

Apple allows developers to pay for a spot on the Today-tab. The apps are then under a section intended for advertisements. The place is only suitable for apps that you find in the App Store. And this isn’t the only place where developers can now pay for a coveted spot.

App Store Apple
More ads (Image: 9to5Mac)
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Developers can also pay for a spot on the store page of other apps. We’re talking about the section where you find apps that you might find interesting. The apps are also labeled ‘advertising’, so that it must be clear to everyone what exactly is happening. As a developer, you can’t pay for a spot on a specific page, only for exposure within a certain category.

Apple and Ads

When you think of the topics Apple and advertisements, you may immediately think of the App Tracking Transparency. With this, the company prevents iOS and iPadOS users from being tracked online. As a result, they do not see targeted advertisements; that ultimately benefits their privacy.

App Tracking Transparency Costs Businesses Nearly $10 Billion

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It’s therefore a bit strange to see Apple doing more with ads now. Admittedly, it doesn’t look like targeted ads within the App Store. But it seems that the company wants to eat from both sides. Anyway, expect more advertising in the download store soon.

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Judging by the picture, Tim gets quite excited at the idea of ​​making money. I don’t know if this photo was taken in direct relation to the subject, but the suggestion it makes is clear anyway

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How Apple wants to make even more money from the App Store with ads

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