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Are you interested in how to protect yourself additionally on the Internet? What are the best online protection methods and what do experts recommend? What programs and tools to use to increase the safety of the Internet?

The Internet is used today by almost everyone at every step. It’s a bit unbelievable how much the internet has spread in just 20 years, especially when we talk about developed countries. In advanced countries, almost everyone uses the Internet – from small children to adults and even retirees.

The widespread use of the Internet is great an opportunity for malicious hackers who seek to get their hands on the information and finances of naive Internet users. The fact is that many people still do not know how to recognize an online threat, so they give highly sensitive information to various people – which can lead to big problems.

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In order to help you at least a little bit in better protection of personal information, below we bring you several very important ways to protect yourself online. If you want to increase your online security, these are the tools and tactics you should use:

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Delete internet cookies in your web browser regularly

Probably the easiest, fastest and simplest method of additional protection on the Internet comes down to deleting cookies. While accessing various websites, various cookies are stored on your computer which serve to facilitate work during the current and subsequent access to the specified website.

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The user cannot know what is hidden in the cookies he installs on his computer, especially if the cookies are installed without permission. All kinds of content can be hidden in these cookies, and it rarely happens that dubious sites install various spam and dangerous advertisements on your computer.

The solution to this problem lies in regularly deleting saved cookies. In this way, you remove both desired and unwanted cookies from your computer, but you create a safe environment for further surfing. You can delete cookies in the web browser optionsspecifically in the history of web browsers.

Set up multi-factor authentication to access services

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In recent years, popular web services have been informing you about how they offer multi-factor authentication, i.e. multi-layered authentication. Such authentication is much more secure than classic methods of user identification. Namely, during such registration in services, two-layer protection is mainly used where you have to pass two levels of obstacles – in order to enter the system.

Although this sounds complicated in theory, it is actually very simple in practice. Multi-layer authentication mainly uses two of the above parameters: something you are, something you know, and something you have. Something you know is a password that is still the most common entry into various systems. Something you have is mostly a smartphone, and something you are is a fingerprint or face scan.

By combining two protection systems, entry into the system itself becomes significantly safer. Such a double authentication system is set up directly in the services, and it only takes a few clicks to set it up. By setting up this system, you significantly reduce the possibility of penetrating the system through your data.


Use unique and complicated passwords to enter systems

Quality passwords have been one of the most effective user protection systems on the Internet for years and decades. Although more or less everyone knows that complicated passwords are necessary to increase security, the fact is that many users still set extremely simple and easily predictable passwords to protect your data.

Today, users have at their disposal tools that enable the creation of complicated passwords and completely secure logging into various systems. For example, the tool can create a complicated password that it then remembers – and logs into the system on its own when you request it. In such situations it is important to use only verified

and safe tools – to prevent data theft.

Complicated passwords that differ for each online service are one of the most important ways to protect users. Therefore, spend time creating strong passwords and never use the same password in more than one place.

Install a quality antivirus program

Antivirus programs have somehow fallen into the background in recent years, considering that users think that the operating system itself protects them sufficiently from attacks on the Internet. Although the operating system today brings numerous protection systems, the fact is that it cannot constantly resist attacks on the Internet.

The advantage of an antivirus program is that it is regularly updated and so on protects against new creative attack methods. Specifically, the program investigates new attack possibilities, supplements itself with information from the database – and thus quickly recognizes new attack attempts.

Installing the antivirus program is very simple and will only take a few minutes. Also, today’s antivirus program is very easy to set up considering that it brings various automated options that they make it easier for the user to adjust and use. If you want to be safer in the online world – installing and using an antivirus program is a step in the right direction.

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Use additional security tools to clean and protect your computer

Most users are generally not even aware of all the records and codes they collect while using online services and websites. Many data are recorded on our computer, and many data are also downloaded by users independently from the Internet. Any spam can hide an infected file, so it is it is important to be careful when downloading content from the Internet.

Fortunately, there are various tools that allow you to scan files and records on your computer and, if necessary, delete them. If the tool finds an infected file, it will mark it as a file to delete – and the user can then decide for himself whether he wants to delete the suspicious file.

Such tools are special important for users who are not skilled in identifying threats from the Internet. By regularly cleaning your computer with security tools, you will prevent the accumulation of problems and eliminate more or less all possibilities of attack and theft. The installation of computer cleaning programs takes place in just a few clicks, and the value they bring to users in the long term can be very significant.

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Avoid opening suspicious emails

In recent years, attacks on users via various emails have been particularly attractive. Although these types of attacks are actually the simplest to perform, their efficiency among hackers is quite good. In such emails, the primary target is the capriciousness of users, who open interesting messages with their inattention and curiosity – which often hide various malicious programs.

Modern email systems are equipped with various filters that recognize SPAM emails very well and place them in a separate folder in

nutar email inbox. However, some questionable emails sometimes slip past the filter and thus reach the user’s full attention. When this happens, many users will open the email out of curiosity – potentially creating big problems for themselves.

We advise you to avoid opening suspicious emails, especially if you see that they come from some strange email addresses. Banks and other important institutions will never ask you for your PIN and sensitive information via email – so don’t easily share your important information via emails.

Use multiple emails and don’t save passwords

In addition to the fact that it is desirable to use several different passwords for several services, it is also desirable to use different emails for several services. By using different emails, you make it much more difficult to collect data about you and thus prevent the creation of a “story” through which hackers could break into your systems.

Using multiple different emails confuses malicious hackers and therefore you reduce the fear of breaking into your systems. If possible, create several emails and use them in different systems – to prevent repeating the same information on different web addresses.

It is also a recommendation avoid the possibility of saving a password within the web browser. Although the option to save passwords looks attractive and makes things easier, the fact is that such a practice can be disastrous if your computer or your smartphone falls into the wrong hands. By saving passwords, you make it much easier to break into various online systems – which is desirable to prevent. Therefore, avoid saving passwords and data in web browsers.

Written by: Marko Županić

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