Enough talking about all the new technical features of the upcoming iPhone 14. Shortly before the release, the rumor mill is heating up the color discussion. A video that has now appeared suggests that Apple has obviously been inspired by the Android competition.


iPhone 14 Pro takes on the colors of the competition

In recent years, we have seen various “special finishes” from many Android manufacturers. Depending on the incidence of light, the respective color impression on the smartphone changes. A technology that has been around in the automotive industry for years. Now Apple would also like to finally jump on the trend, having already made initial hesitant experiences with the iPhone 13 (Midnight) and the new MacBook Air (M2).

The iPhone 14 Pro should have one new color option in “Purple” (Violet) receive. A new video, originally surfaced on the Chinese social network Weibo, shows a so-called dummy model. This is a non-functional preview model. The color changes with every movement. The mobile phone appears sometimes more, sometimes less in the violet hue. So customers get a sort of rainbow effect. Already in April there was the first speculation that predicted such a purple color, now we can get a first impression of it with the help of the video. We’ll find out whether the dummy model is correct on September 7th at the Apple event.

Apple’s new color palette is revealed

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But this should not be the only new color of the Pro variants. A another entry also inserts Modell in „Navy blue“ vicinity. Gold, Graphite and Silver, on the other hand, look very familiar and correspond to the well-known color scheme. Sierra blue and alpine green are therefore no longer an option for Apple.

This much is certain, all iPhone 14 models will ship with iOS 16:

In the end, Apple remains true to itself and keeps replacing certain colors with each new generation, but leaves the classics in the program. A new model can also be skilfully staged in this way. If Apple maintains the tradition, another color variant will follow in spring 2023 to refresh the portfolio. However, it is not yet known which coloring Apple will choose. This year it was the said alpine green.