Apple will introduce a total of four new iPhone 14s in the fall. We already know that smartphone prices will increase. So that this doesn’t climb too high or Apple can maintain its high margin, Samsung helps with a compromise in the display.


For iPhone 14: Samsung supplies Apple with older OLED panels

The two-tier society of the iPhone becomes even clearer with the 14 series. So the iPhone 14 will get the processor of the iPhone 13. Now it is known that savings are also being made on the display. The 60 Hz OLED panel is set. Apple doesn’t want the iPhone 14 to come too close to the Pro model. But now it is known that Samsung Apple supplies older OLED panels, which can save costs. In that case, the iPhone 14 not only gets a slower display than the 14 Pro, but not even the latest generation (source: The Elec).

This makes the differences between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro even greater in detail, although the cell phone will probably be more expensive at 1,000 euros. There are basically differences in every important component. The display is getting weaker, the processor is older and you have to be content with the weaker camera. All just so that you buy the more expensive Pro model, which of course then looks much more attractive.

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iPhone 13 the best alternative to iPhone 14

For those who don’t want to follow this strategy, the iPhone 13 should be the most attractive choice when the iPhone 14 comes out. The price will certainly drop significantly there when the iPhone 14 is presented in the fall. But many will also opt for the iPhone 14 Max. This is a larger version of the iPhone 14. However, the hardware is said to be outdated and not able to keep up with the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. Nevertheless, this completely new model could be the most successful.

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