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The video game adaptation of The Bird That Drinks Tears novel series created and written by author Yeong-do Lee is in its early development at Krafton.

Like CD Projekt RED with The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski, Krafton decided to create a new game based on a local fantasy novel in order to continue diversifying its content:

Our mission is to tell exciting and meaningful stories through the art of gaming. Whether it’s the personal and unique stories of battlefields, rich fantasy worlds, or the horrors of space, we want to create worlds that push the boundaries of creativity and immersion. Although it’s still early days, we’re excited to officially announce our next big adventure. It’s a whole new experience inspired by Yeongdo Lee’s masterpiece. This ambitious project aims to bring the universe of The Bird That Drinks Tears to life through unique and refreshing races, beautiful and spellbinding landscapes, and captivating, immersive and poignant stories.

The Bird That Drinks Tears, the future AAA International of Crafton

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Krafton is currently recruiting top international talent, such as concept artist Iain McCaig (Star Wars, Avengers, Harry Potter, Terminator), to realize its ambitious vision for The Bird That Drinks Tears. The first illustrations offer original interpretations of the four distinct races of the novel, namely the humans, the Rekkon, the Tokebi and the Nhaga.

  • Kagan (human): The main character who leads the overall story of the novel survives by eating raw Nhaga out of revenge in the kingdom of Nhaga due to a certain incident
  • Rekkon: They are warriors, who have the features of a giant bird, with overwhelming physical abilities. They get weapons crafted just for them in the Final Forge and then complete a challenge to fulfill their lifelong ambition
  • Tokebi: Inspired by a traditional Korean goblin, they are non-aggressive and playful. They are skilled with fire, and even if they die, they can live an eternal life as Orusin. That’s why they’re not afraid of death
  • Nhaga: A cold-blooded race like reptiles. They are sensitive to environments and temperature, which is why they only reside in the South filled with tropical jungle, and cannot withstand the cold of the North. They also don’t communicate with sound, but they have their unique communication mechanism called Neam, and thanks to the removal of the heart, they can have a semi-immortal body.

L’histoire de The Bird That Drinks Tears

The Bird That Drinks Tears is a four-volume fantasy novel beloved and celebrated for over 20 years in South Korea. The story begins when four races – the Humans, the Rekkon, the Tokebi and the Nhaga – become embroiled in an unforeseen event. The Nhaga, one of the most unique races in this universe, occupied the southern half of the world following a massive war that took place in the past, and lead a reclusive culture without interacting with the other three. breeds ever since. Then, suddenly, through the fault of a confidant, a frightening plot that the Nhaga are planning is revealed. The three races of the North, by virtue of a proverb older than grime “Three make one”, must create a rescue team consisting of a scout, a defender and a magician, to sneak into the Nhaga jungle and save the accomplice.

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