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Each month, Netflix subscribers have the opportunity to discover new films and TV series in the catalog. For this month of August, the sVoD platform offers a most enticing programme, for young and old.

If there is one thing that subscribers Netflix appreciate is that the platform spoils them every month. So what can we watch to spend this month of August? The good weather is here, the outings too, but a small evening in front of a film or a series from time to time cannot be refused. So without further ado, here are the series and films that will arrive during the month. The list is not exhaustive, and that is without counting the surprise announcements.

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As usual, there will still be something for everyone. Original series, original movies and new entries from other studios. And as always, documentaries and other content dedicated to youth. No time to get bored. Especially since some cult titles are appearing in the catalog this month. Here is a small selection of new content that we will watch with pleasure on the streaming platform.

New Netflix original series

Sandman – 05/08
After years of imprisonment, the Dream Lord begins his journey across worlds to find what was stolen from him and reclaim his power.

Twenty Five Twenty One – 05/08

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Locke & Key (Saison 3) – 10/08
In this thrilling final chapter, the Locke family finds even more magical keys and faces off against a new demonic threat bent on taking them.

My First Times (Season 3) – 12/08
After finally saying goodbye to single life, Devi and her friends discover that relationships are soul-searching and not without a stir.

A Model Family – 12/08
Echoes – 19/08
Cleo – 19/08
Alma – 19/08
Under Fire – 24/08
Unforgettable Ollie – 24/08

New Netflix movies

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Wedding Season – 04/08
The Fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie – 05/08

Carter (Korea) – 05/08
A man wakes up with amnesia. Led by a mysterious voice from a device implanted in his ear, he embarks on a perilous rescue mission.

13: The Musical – 12/08

Day Shift – 12/08
In Los Angeles, a vampire hunter has one week to raise the money to pay for his daughter’s school and braces. He’s going to have to bleed…

One life or the other – 17/08
Royalteen – 17/08

Fullmetal Alchemist : La vengeance de Scar – 20/08
In this sequel to the first feature film, the Elric brothers must face their most formidable opponent: a serial killer with a large scar on his forehead.

Me Time: Finally Alone? – 26/08
While his family is away, a stay-at-home dad takes advantage of his first solo days in years to catch up with his party-loving friends.

Seoul Vibe (Korea) – 26/08

Original content for children

Big Tree City – 01/08
A team of animal heroes with special abilities and equipped with speedsters together keep Big Tree City safe and solve the city’s trickiest problems.

Super Brothers, Megabots! – 04/08
No more bickering, let’s fight! Led by their brilliant creator, the robots Shiny and Thunder will have to defend the Earth against the monsters of space.

Deepa and Anoop – 15/08
Along with her color-changing elephant friend, this little Indian girl loves parties, music and mischief at her family-run Mango Manor.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season 3) – 18/08
Musclor and his team must fulfill their destiny and thwart Skeletor’s plans to control the universe. The hour of battle for the almighty force has come!

Netflix anime

Gambling School : Twin – 04/08
Determined to rise through the ranks of society, Mary Saotome invests everything she has in her elite high school’s most prized activity: gambling.

Dota : Dragon’s Blood (Livre 3) – 11/08
The time has come for valiant warriors to defeat an invincible foe. Can an ultimate sacrifice restore lasting peace in all possible worlds?

Netflix original documentaries

The robbers of the century – 10/08
The Other Side of Sport (Volume 2) – from 16/08
The Other Side of Sport: The Imaginary Girlfriend – 16/08
The other side of sport: And1 and the golden age of streetball – 23/08

McAfee: From viruses to demons – 24/08
With images and interviews that speak volumes about John McAfee, the fugitive tech pioneer, this documentary shows new sides to his years on the run.

The other side of sport: A referee caught at fault – 30/08
Never the Same Story (Season 2) – 25/08
I am a killer (Saison 3) – 30/08

Films and series joining the catalog this month

A man of the height – 01/08
A lawyer falls in love with an architect she met over the phone, but their size difference generates friction with her family and her jealous ex.

Walter – 01/08
The kids – 01/08
M:I Mission Impossible – 01/08
Mission Impossible III – 01/08
Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol – 01/08
Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation – 01/08
Top Gun – 01/08
Good Doctor (Saison 4) – 02/08
Endless Night – 03/08
Our day Will Come – 04/08
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Saison 8) – 13/08
The Mummy – 16/08
Ouija – 16/08
Ouija board: The origins – 16/08
Made in China – 25/08
Student services office – 28/08
An easy girl – 28/08

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