With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung wants to surpass itself in the camera area. Photos with a massive resolution of 200 MP should be possible. Now a leaker reveals that a previously unknown image sensor in the smartphone should set new standards.

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Galaxy S23 Ultra: Samsung is working on a new sensor

Since the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has had a sensor installed in its top models that enables images with 108 MP. A leaker is now reporting that Samsung is planning the next step with the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra. Photos should be here maximum resolution of 200 MP own.

Samsung actually already has two suitable sensors in its portfolio, yes weather there Isocell HP1 from last year, the just presented Isocell HP3 should be used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra (source: Ice universe on Twitter).

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Samsung has apparently decided to confusing naming of image sensors to maintain. After the Isocell HP1 and HP3 comes the HP2. However, this should not – as might actually be assumed – position itself between the other two sensors in terms of performance, but trump them. Samsung used a similar approach with the Isocell GN series. A higher number does not always mean better performance.

How the planned 200 MP sensor will also differ from existing models has not yet been made public. Due to the leak, we basically only know the maximum resolution. The image sensor could be larger than the Isocell HP1 and thus absorb more light.

In the video: This is what we think of the current Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra only with Qualcomm processor?

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According to previous reports, Samsung could say goodbye to practice, to rely on different processors depending on the region. That would mean that Samsung would also offer its Galaxy S23 (Ultra) in Germany with a powerful Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.