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It is a real nightmare for smartphone owners when their beloved cell phone with the most personal content has to be repaired. Exactly for this case, Samsung has now come up with a function that every smartphone should have – regardless of the manufacturer.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung integrates repair mode

If your smartphone needs repairing, you have two options. Either you back up your personal data offsite and completely wipe the device so no one can access your most personal content, like photos and text messages, or you trust that nothing will happen. I always do the former, because even if it takes a lot of effort, my personal data and content are very important to me. You can’t trust that nobody’s looking in there. And exactly for this case Samsung has now developed an ingenious repair mode (Source: Samsung).

Before you send your Samsung cell phone for service, you can activate the new repair mode. This locks all personal content on the cell phone so that even the service staff cannot access it. The service has continued though Access to certain functions of the smartphone, but only enough to fix the problemwithout seeing your personal content. The function can be activated via the settings. As soon as the cell phone comes back, you can unlock it again.

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First for the Samsung Galaxy S21 in South Korea

According to Samsung, the new repair mode will initially only be introduced in South Korea and only for the Galaxy S21 (test). Other models will follow later. It is unclear whether this feature will also come to us. We would absolutely love that, because it allows you to protect your privacy much better without having to completely reset the phone. It would be a real relief and should be a standard feature of Android. Maybe other manufacturers will take over – or even Google and integrate it directly into Android.

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