Is everything going so fast now? Surprisingly, the Federal Chancellor announced a successor to the 9-euro ticket. It should appear “soon” and, above all, continue the simplicity of the saver ticket. When it comes to the price, however, Scholz is tight-lipped.

The last excursion weekend with the 9-euro ticket is coming up. From September 1st, the popular ticket for local and regional transport will end and Germany will fall back into its public transport past. But that could only be short-lived.

Chancellor Scholz announces successor for 9-euro ticket

Because Chancellor Scholz now has one Successor to the 9-euro ticket announced (Source: ntv). During a public question hour, the SPD politician announced a successor solution: “We have decided that we will develop something that will come soon.” Scholz pointed out Transport Minister Wissing (FDP), who takes care of the matter.

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The Chancellor sees a main reason for the success of the 9-euro ticket in the simplicitywhich is easier to understand than “the complicated tariff system of different transport associations.” The should be taken up for a successor.

The Chancellor did not give any specific figures for the price of a 9-euro ticket successor. It seems clear, however, that citizens have to dig deeper into their pockets. “Everyone suspects that we won’t be able to hold out in the long run,” said Scholz, referring to the low price of the 9-euro ticket. At the beginning of the week, the chancellor’s change of course, who had previously spoken out against a successor to the 9-euro ticket, was already apparent.

Everything you need to know about the 9-euro ticket:

States go their own way

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There are many ideas on the table for a successor to the 9-euro ticket, such as the proposal by the Greens, which envisages a regional and Germany ticket at different prices. The Verkehrsclub Deutschland is also going in a similar direction. According to the wishes of the Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey, that could be the case 9-euro ticket in Berlin extended until the end of the year (Source: rbb), in NRW there is a small consolation for subscription customers in September and October.