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Do not use your cell phone too often or put it on airplane mode

Overheating can also be caused by playing games or talking for too long, and high temperatures are not helpful either. To cool it down, stop using CPU-intensive applications, such as games.

Take your cell phone out of your pocket

If it is a question of high temperatures, keeping the device in your pocket heats it up even more. As with charging, it is best to store it in a place protected from the sun and heat sources.

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Do not leave your phone in the car

A car is like a greenhouse on a warm day. A recent study found that a car parked in the sun at 35 degrees – can reach a temperature of 47 degrees in just an hour. Smartphone manufacturers themselves do not recommend leaving mobile phones at temperatures above 35 degrees.

Do not charge the mobile phone in places exposed to direct sunlight

As you probably already know very well, charging a cell phone can cause it to heat up. If you leave your device in direct sunlight while it’s charging – this can cause it to heat up much faster than it would otherwise.

Do not charge your smartphone while it is under the pillow

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For the same reason as above, you should not carelessly leave your phone under a pillow, blanket or any other material that can heat it up. If it is quite hot indoors or outdoors, the heat generated by the cell phone while charging can rise to quite dangerous levels. Be sure to charge the phone in the shade and preferably on a hard and cold surface.

Never put the phone in the refrigerator

Although it seems as if no one would do something like this, it is still good to warn. Sudden changes in temperature are also very bad for your phone, especially due to moisture condensation inside the device. A better solution would be to simply turn off the mobile phone and leave it in a cool place until its heat returns to an acceptable room temperature.

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