If you use WhatsApp on a Windows PC, you get a little more freedom. The messenger cuts the connection to the mobile phone, a switched-on smartphone is no longer necessary. Mac users still have to be patient.

The fact that WhatsApp has its origins on the smartphone is noticeable even 13 years after its birth. Until now, WhatsApp users who also wanted to write to family and friends on their PC had to resort to crutches such as WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Web. Not anymore.

New WhatsApp works without the phone turned on

One new WhatsApp app is now available for download in the Windows Store (source: WhatsApp). The dignity specially developed and optimized for the desktop operating system, the WhatsApp developers promise. This should happen, for example, in a higher speed and reliability demonstrate.

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But perhaps the biggest innovation: The new WhatsApp app for Windows does not require the phone to be switched on more. “Notifications and messages come in even when your phone is offline,” says the site of the popular messenger. WhatsApp thus eliminates a major disadvantage of previous solutions.

The new WhatsApp app is available for free on the Windows Store (see Windows Store). There are no changes in operation:

  • First open WhatsApp on the phone
  • On Android smartphones, tap on “More options” behind the three-point menu or go to the settings on iPhones
  • Then tap on “Linked Devices”.
  • Point the phone’s camera at the QR code displayed in the WhatsApp app

That’s all. After that you can still use WhatsApp on the PC even if the mobile phone is switched off.

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Does it always have to be WhatsApp? There are also alternatives:

WhatsApp app for Mac still in development

Mac users are currently still looking into the tube. the Desktop app for Mac computers is still under development, according to WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp offers a beta test, it is currently already full. Here it is for the time being: wait. After the release for Windows, it should hopefully not be too long before Mac users also get their own desktop app for WhatsApp.