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Amazon acquired iRobot, the maker of Roomba vacuum cleaners, on August 5. The acquisition further illustrates Amazon’s desire to carve out a place for itself in home automation.

After having acquired Blink in 2017, Ring in 2018 and Eero in 2019, Amazon has just signed on August 5, 2022 the acquisition of iRobot, the manufacturer of Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaners. This list may surprise you: vacuum cleaners don’t have much to do, at first glance, with security cameras from Ring and Blink, or even with Wi-Fi routers from Eero.

However, with these acquisitions, the American e-commerce giant reveals even more its desire to make a name for itself in the home automation sector – and it invites itself a little more to its customers.

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The Alexa interface for Amazon Echo. // Source: Louise Audry

Alexa, Echo Dot, cameras and now vacuum cleaners

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We can say that Amazon’s arrival in home automation dates back to 2014, with the first version of the Alexa voice assistant and its Echo Dot connected speakers. Since then, the giant has accumulated takeovers in the sector. The acquisition of connected security camera maker Blink in 2017 marked the company’s first real investment in the industry. A year later, in 2018, it was Ring, another camera specialist, to join the fold, then Eero.

All these purchases show that Amazon wants to eventually be able to offer a whole range of products to its customers that can be fully controlled with Alexa. Currently, it is already possible to pronounce formulas orally to Alexa so that the Roomba performs a household task. In the future, this integration should be even more extensive.

Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner
The Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner. // Source: Roomba

This acquisition is most likely not the last. Other companies that operate in home automation and connected devices could in turn fall into the hands of the group. Including in small appliances. The acquisition of iRobot and its Roomba devices can also be seen as a first milestone in this direction.

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Apart from home automation, Amazon’s large investments in the health and medicine sector should be noted, with Amazon Pharmacy. The trend is seen especially in the United States, where customers can order and have drugs delivered, even on prescription – in France, however, the practice is not authorized. Another proof that Amazon wants to interfere in very different segments of the daily lives of its customers.

Which Home Automation Companies Has Amazon Acquired?

Company NameDomaineRedemption dateRedemption amount
2lemetryConnected device data analysis2015Not made public
BlinkSurveillance cameras and connected doorbells201790 millions $
RingSurveillance cameras and connected doorbells2018$1 billion
EeroWi-Fi Routers201997 millions $
iRobotConnected vacuum cleaners2022$1.7 billion

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