With the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro, the Chinese company launched two high-end smartphones a few months ago. With the Xiaomi 12T, the successor to the 11T is now announced. These smartphones offer good features but do not cost much. Many details have now been leaked.


Xiaomi 12T with MediaTek processor

While we actually wish that Xiaomi would bring the 12S Ultra to Germany, we will probably be delighted with the Xiaomi 12T. It is a cheaper version of the normal Xiaomi 12, but in the new generation it should increase significantly compared to its predecessor. Now the first specifications have been leaked. For example, it became known that there the MediaTek’s “Dimensity 8100 Ultra” is used as the processor. This should have high performance, but should reduce the costs compared to a Qualcomm chip (source: Xiaomiui).

This MediaTek processor doesn’t actually exist yet. Xiaomi could be the first manufacturer to access it here. The choice of display also sounds promising. The Xiaomi 11T still had a 144 Hz LCD panel. That Xiaomi 12T is said to get an OLED panel with 120 Hz. This should significantly improve the display quality. The slightly lower refresh rate should not play a major role.

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As a camera comes the well-known 108 MP sensor is used, which we already know from many Xiaomi cell phones. The battery remains an unknown with the Xiaomi 12T. There is no information about the size or the loading speed. Compared to a Xiaomi 12T Pro, it could be a bit lower there. Both smartphones could also not be waterproof. The price could be correspondingly lower for this. This is also necessary, because the Xiaomi 12 cell phones were comparatively expensive. And the T series from Xiaomi actually stands for good value for money in the upper class.

We don’t get this great Xiaomi smartphone:

Xiaomi 12S Ultra: Das Leica-Smartphone

When can we expect the Xiaomi 12T?

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If Xiaomi sticks to the current schedule, then the Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro should be unveiled in mid-September. It is quite possible that it will appear with MIUI 13.1 based on Android 13.