Xiaomi has almost exclusively announced new products for China lately. Real highlights like the Xiaomi 12S Ultra slipped through our fingers. But it shouldn’t stay that way, as the founder and CEO officially announced.


Xiaomi launches ultra smartphones worldwide

When Xiaomi announced the 12S Ultra, the smartphone with the special camera was very popular. At the same time, many fans were also disappointed because the cell phone is only sold in China. It doesn’t even come to Germany in this form, which many people can’t understand. A smartphone like that would have been important now, to show the competition what the Chinese company can do. After all, sales are falling and it needs a real hit.

It really won’t be long in coming. The founder and CEO of Xiaomi announced on Twitter that the next ultra smartphone on the market worldwide comes:

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By that he could mean a Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which might be unveiled in China this year and find its way to us next year. Then would Xiaomi with the Ultra cell phone compete directly against a Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung. Then at the latest it would become clear which smartphone manufacturer has the best camera installed. If you know the reviews of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, then it will definitely not be easy for Samsung to compete against the Chinese competitor.

We have to do without the Xiaomi 12S Ultra:

Xiaomi 12S Ultra: Das Leica-Smartphone

Xiaomi also does without a power supply

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Xiaomi has actually always advertised that the smartphones are delivered with a power supply unit. After all, many models require a special power supply unit in order to reach the full charging speed of up to 120 watts. That will probably change. A first smartphone has already been delivered without a power pack. Xiaomi could now do what Samsung and Apple have been doing for a long time.