The iPhone and iOS are packed with tips and tricks. Many of them are familiar, but some are completely new territory even for old hands, even if they have been around for a while. This includes the following trick. Those who prefer clear shapes to doodles should read on now.


The TikToker “ramalmedia” was amazed when he heard about this trick within the iOS screenshot tool. After you have taken a screenshot on the iPhone, you can tap on this screenshot and then edit it accordingly. For example, trimming or making a note – as far as is known, so far unspectacular.

Brilliant animation on iPhone

Now the actual tip: Just scribble a geometric shape like a circle and then leave your finger on the touchscreen for a moment. As if by magic, the scribble now turns into a clearly drawn shape. What might resemble a circle actually becomes a circle. Terrific! The only important thing is that the drawing must be done in one go, without lifting your finger during the process.

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I bet you didn’t know the tip either, did you? And even if you did, you might have completely forgotten him by now. But that’s not all. The following tips make the tip even more valuable:

  • The conversion works not only in the screenshot tool, but system-wide everywhere where Apple integrates the “Tag” function. For example in the Notes app.
  • It’s not just iPhone users who benefit, can also be used on the iPad.
  • It’s not just circles that can be drawn Conversion also works with squares, rectangles, stars, triangles, arrows, stars and ellipses.

And another cool tip:

Any more Apple cell phone tips?

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