Today, September 7th, Apple invites you to the next special event under the motto “Far out.”, which means something like “far out”. The live stream for the iPhone 14 event is ready and it’s about to start. Where and how can you see the keynote at all? We’ll tell you.


The invitation to today’s Apple event all about iPhone 14 and Co. this time even points to a real live event, because selected American media representatives are allowed to dance directly in the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple campus on the said day and learn about the innovations of the convince the day. However, it could also be similar to WWDC in June. Everyone looks at a video recording, but can then inspect the new products such as the iPhone 14 directly on site. We still have to be surprised.

Apple event for the iPhone 14: Follow the live stream here

If you want to watch the live stream, Apple has various options. The easiest option for anyone interested is certainly this Live stream directly to YouTube. It’s already set up and armed. Just switch it on at 7:00 p.m. our time or look directly here on our website:

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Another option is to follow the live stream for the presentation of the iPhone 14 directly on Apple’s event website. This is also already set up and reminds you of the correct date. The given time (10:00 a.m.) of course refers to the time zone in California. And then there’s the Apple TV app. The live stream can also be viewed on compatible devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Fire TV, various televisions, etc.).

Preview: What Apple Products Should You Expect?

And what new products can be expected on the day? The iPhone 14 should be set. Likewise, the new Apple Watch Series 8 along with a new and larger XL version. There is also speculation about a new edition of the Apple Watch SE. We will also certainly find out the release date for iOS 16. But you will wait in vain for new iPads and Macs. An important indication of this: the delay of iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, which has now been confirmed. Apple will therefore in all probability invite to another event in October.