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The wide portfolio of the manufacturer Poco has recently been expanded by the promising-looking X4 GT model, which offers a 144Hz display panel, a modern 5nm Dimensity 8100 processor and 67W charging. How did he do in the test?

The Poco X4 GT, with a price of around ten thousand crowns, promises a long life thanks to its 5,080mAh battery, but also enough performance. Will it be able to stand out from the crowd and offer customers an overall mix of features and functions that should make them buy the new product?

Construction163,4 × 74,3 × 8,9 mm, 200 gconstruction: classic, resistance: IP53
DisplayTFT IPS, 6,6″ (2 400 × 1 080 px)
Camera64 MpxLED dioda, autofocus, video: 3 840 × 2 160 px, 30 FPS
ChipsetMediaTek Dimensity 8100CPU: 4×2,85 GHz + 4×2 GHzGPU: again
MemoryRAM: 8 GBinternal memory: 256 GBmemory cards: microSDXC
Data functions5G: againLTE: 1 400 / 150 Mb/s, Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth: 5.3, NFC: again
Operating systemAndroid 12
Accumulator5 080 mAhwireless charging: it ischarging time: 0:46 hours
AvailabilityJune 2022, 9,999 CZK

Package contents: worthy of praise

The box contains everything important, i.e. a USB-A/USB-C cable, a 67W power adapter, the phone itself, but also a protective cover. Nothing important is missing.

Construction: the capacitive reader on the side is still in

The Poco X4 GT is one of a number of similar-looking smartphones from the manufacturer Poco, which do not differ in particular in terms of design. In this case, the back has a matte finish and is well resistant to unsightly fingerprints, while the photo module is not extremely large and contains three cameras. The frame (as well as the back) is made of plastic, but despite this, the phone does not feel cheap in the hand. However, at a price of around ten thousand crowns, the new product would certainly benefit from increased resistance, which it does not have.

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The layout of the controls on the right side is also not surprising, where we also find a capacitive fingerprint reader located in the power button. She has a quick reaction and it is not a problem even touching a wet finger, for example after washing her hands. On the body of the device, weighing 200 grams, we also find a slot for a pair of nanoSIM cards (eSIM is not available). The haptic response is a decent average in the given category, it certainly doesn’t dazzle, but it doesn’t disappoint either.

We didn’t like it

  • without increased resistance
  • plastic frame

Display: 144Hz, but only IPS LCD

The manufacturer decided to use an IPC LCD panel, with which, unfortunately, there is a noticeable shine through at the edges, especially around the hole, but also elsewhere. However, he wants to please customers by supporting a very high 144Hz refresh rate or supporting HDR10, although personally I would prefer, for example, 120 Hz and an AMOLED panel. On the other hand, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is not missing and the 6.6″ diagonal is certainly not to be thrown away, especially if you want to play games or watch videos. I was generally satisfied in terms of visibility outside in the sun, although the brightness is not the highest. When watching videos or playing games games at night, the lack of IPS LCD is visible again, when the dark areas are rather gray.In short, I think it’s a shame that we don’t find an AMOLED panel here, as the Motorola Edge 30 offers a 144Hz OLED display for a similar price.

We liked it

  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Gorilla Glass 5
We didn’t like it

  • only IPS LCD, which also shines through

Sound: decent stereo

The sound is provided by a pair of loud speakers with Dolby Atmos support, which are capable of providing rather average listening quality and do not excel at anything. The 3.5mm jack is located at the top and will surely please all users of wired headphones, especially gamers who want the lowest possible latency.

We liked it

  • quality loud speakers
  • 3,5mm jack

Hardware performance: 5nm Dimensity

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The performance is handled by the 5nm MediaTek Dimensity 8100, which on the Czech market is accompanied by 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256 GB of UFS 3.1 storage (128 GB in the case of the tested version). Also new is the improved cooling (LiquidCool Technology 2.0), which proved itself even during high summer temperatures and kept the device relatively cool even during demanding operations. Support for memory cards is traditionally missing.

We didn’t like it

  • some might miss a memory card slot

Battery life: fast charging available

The Poco X4 GT is equipped with 67W (wired) charging, with which it is possible to top up the 5,080mAh battery from 0 to 70% in about 30 minutes, which is absolutely sufficient. As far as durability is concerned, you can count on a very demanding one day, but rather 1.5 days, and in the case of calmer use, even two days can be achieved.

Connectivity: 5G on board

In terms of connectivity, the Poco X4 GT offers probably everything you could wish for. In addition to 5G, it’s Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, all navigation services and also good old infrared, for example for climate control.

We liked it

  • seamless connectivity

Camera: 64 Mpx sensor and worse macro

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The Poco X4 GT has essentially the same equipment as the previously tested Poco F4, i.e. a 64 Mpx main sensor without optical stabilization, but with phase focus, an 8 Mpx ultra-wide-angle lens (with fixed focus) and a 120-degree range, and finally a 2 Mpx macro. On the front, there is a 16MP selfie camera capable of maximum Full HD recording at 30 FPS.

Given the gaming focus of the smartphone, I didn’t have overly high expectations, although for example the main sensor is slightly larger than that of the Poca F4 (1/1.72″). Photos taken during the day boast more saturated color rendering and properly adjusted contrast. Level of detail however, it is weaker, which applies to both the main and ultra-wide-angle lenses. On the other hand, if you intend to view photos mainly on the phone screen, you do not need to worry, it is not so noticeable at first glance. The night mode is rather weaker and in the given category you can you can probably find smartphones that take better photos in low light conditions.2Mpx macro does not need to be mentioned, it is only a number here and the results from it are simply bad.

We liked it

  • nice color presentation and correctly adjusted contrast
We didn’t like it

  • less detail and unnecessary 2Mpx macro

Software: MIUI s Androidem 12

The novelty arrived with Android 12 supplemented with the MIUI superstructure full of many additional functions, which, however, are usually “buried” somewhere deep in the settings. For example, I often used the function of double/triple tapping on the back to launch the notification shutter (or other functions). However, it freezes that the phone does not allow you to map the launch of a specific application to a double tap, and you have to choose from a preset list.

Another thing I’m not too excited about is the amount of unnecessary pre-installed apps like Facebook, Booking.com, TikTok, Amazon Shopping and various others that everyone who is interested in them installs themselves. In the case of browsing the Internet, however, at least the brand does not use its own browser, and you will only find Google Chrome on your phone. For example, finding such gesture control can be quite difficult for users who are not used to the MIUI superstructure, because it is located in the “full screen display” section. And there are more various minor mistakes and inaccuracies in the translation of the superstructure. If you are a fan of pure Android, MIUI can be quite an important decision criterion for you.

We liked it

  • lots of additional MIUI features
We didn’t like it

  • unnecessary pre-installed applications


The Poco X4 GT has a decently powerful processor, a large display with a 144Hz refresh rate and fast 67W charging, but unfortunately it doesn’t have much to offer compared to its own competitors, see below, and is thus in a rather unenviable position.


For a small additional fee, for example, you can buy a Poco F4 equipped with a Snapdragon 870, equally powerful charging and, above all, a higher quality AMOLED panel.

Xiaomi Poco F4 256 + 8 GB

Dimensions163,2 × 76 × 7,7 mm, 195 g
DisplaySuper AMOLED, 6,7″ (2 400 × 1 080 px)
Camera64 Mpxvideo: 3 840 × 2 160 px, 60 FPS
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 870, 1×3,2 GHz + 3×2,42 GHz + 4×1,8 GHz
MemoryRAM: 8 GBrepository: 256 GB
Accumulator4 500 mAhcharging time: 0:38 hours

The Motorola Edge 30 is equipped with the proven Snapdragon 778G+, a 144Hz OLED panel and a 50Mpx ultra-wide-angle lens with automatic focus.

Motorola Edge 30

Dimensions159,4 × 74,2 × 6,8 mm, 155 g
DisplayPOLED, 6,5″ (2 400 × 1 080 px)
Camera50 Mpxvideo: 3 840 × 2 160 px, 30 FPS
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 778G+, 1×2,5 GHz + 3×2,4 GHz + 4×1,8 GHz
MemoryRAM: 8 GBrepository: 256 GB, it is
Accumulator4 020 mAh

Photo: Ioannis Papadopoulos, mobilenet.cz

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