Xiaomi is one of the most important companies when it comes to the development of new technologies. The Chinese company dares to do things that no other manufacturer does. Xiaomi relied on fast charging technologies for smartphones early on. Now a new record is said to have been reached, which clearly surpasses the competition.


Xiaomi will Smartphones mit 210 Watt laden

Xiaomi is currently charging its smartphones with a maximum of 120 watts via cable. That’s extremely fast, but that’s not enough for the Chinese company. Xiaomi already showed a 200-watt charging function in the video last year. Since then we have been waiting for the launch of the new feature. It could happen soon and the loading speed could even be a little higher than previously known. Xiaomi has namely developed and received approval for a 210-watt power supply (Source: Xiaomiui). A battery could be charged from 0 to 100 percent in less than 8 minutes.

This is how fast Xiaomi smartphones will charge soon:

Xiaomi charges smartphones with 200 watts

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With the Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 13, there are two candidates for a possible use of the 210-watt charging technology, which should be presented later this year. Since the new power supply has already been approved, one of the next smartphones could be equipped with it. The new technology is also coming to Europe, because an EU version was also approved.

Is the 210 watt power adapter still included?

The biggest question will be whether future Xiaomi smartphones will still ship with the 210-watt power adapter. After Apple and Samsung did not include the power adapters in the scope of delivery, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, who previously insisted on leaving the power adapters in the scope of delivery, are now slowly following suit. Since Xiaomi uses its own fast charging technology, you would have to buy exactly this power supply if you want to exploit the smartphone’s full potential. You can also charge the cell phone with any other USB-C power supply, but then much more slowly.